library h3lp building a next generation vr system n.
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Library H3lp: Building a Next Generation VR System PowerPoint Presentation
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Library H3lp: Building a Next Generation VR System

Library H3lp: Building a Next Generation VR System

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Library H3lp: Building a Next Generation VR System

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  1. Library H3lp: Building a Next Generation VR System Reference RenaissanceTuesday, August 5

  2. Pam SessomsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eric SessomsNub Games Josh BoyerNorth Carolina State University Amy VanScoyNorth Carolina State University Jean FergusonDuke University

  3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill27,000 students North Carolina State University30,000 students Duke University12,000

  4. How we collaborate Sun-Thurs

  5. Widget Effect

  6. Tools for collaboration • Commercial Virtual Reference software • Call Center software • IM • Meebo • Library H3lp

  7. What is LibraryH3lp Jabber server with IM gateways Provides flexible routing to multiple librarians Integrates IM with web chat for easier staffing Can route Meebo Me traffic too Has its own widget developed for libraries Provides transfers Allows IM between librarians Platform for flexibility and experimentation

  8. LibraryH3lp Widgets Yahoo! AIM MSN Meebo Me LibraryH3lp Jabber Server with IM Gateways Circ Literature Ref Health Sci Science Endnote Law RefWorks

  9. Night Owl MSN Patron Yahoo! Patron Widget Patron AIM Patron Duke NCSU UNC Operator

  10. Widget Links clickable Works with screen readers Javascript, Flash not required Alert noise for patron optional, Flash sound used Patron controls Can run embedded Patron has “pop out” option Can easily be made to pop-up

  11. Pidgin (librarian client)

  12. Anatomy of an Incoming Chat (or IM) Patron’s initial message Patron’s queue Chat management : transfer, e-mail transcript, send file…

  13. Features URLs are links, not just text

  14. Features Useful system messages sent to staff

  15. Features Useful system messages sent to staff

  16. Features Useful system messages sent to staff

  17. Typing notification

  18. Features Transfers! This should blow your mind!

  19. Features Transfer examples At NC State: Ref Natural Resources Library Veterinary Medicine Library (soon) Circ-reserves (soon)  ILL (soon)

  20. Why Transfer Chats • Patron’s Perception • Librarians’ Perception Ref Circ Library Systems Tech Serv

  21. Transfers in practice UNC’s Davis Reference and Circulation Reference transfers 10-15% to Circ Davis Reference general “ask a” service Transfers to experts when off-desk (in office) Several campus libraries transferring now or will begin soon. Health Sciences Library Undergraduate Library Davis Library More to come… Search TRLN Union Catalog Transfers coming soon in LibraryH3lp. This summer, Davis Reference transferred to Duke and NCSU as needed using predecessor system.

  22. Why transfer?

  23. Incoming transfer (with Pidgin plugin)

  24. Patrons’ view of transferred chat

  25. Intro to LibraryH3lp: Admin Account

  26. Introduction to LibraryH3lp: Operators Librarian Operators Answer chats and IMs with Jabber client Can belong to zero, one, or more queues Zero queues? Can still receive transers. First to respond to patron will “win” chat. Others are notified of who took the chat.

  27. Introduction to LibraryH3lp: Queues Queues URLs for incoming patrons Widget: Customized for a purpose Gateways for IM patrons

  28. Introduction to LibraryH3lp: Gateways

  29. UNC-CH RefWorks Queue

  30. UNC-CH RefWorks Queue

  31. Presence (online/offline)

  32. Presence Using Popup

  33. Presence: Service Rollover

  34. Admin Interface: Reports and Transcripts

  35. Admin Interface: Transcript Management

  36. Widget Configurator: Save and Share Skins

  37. Servinator: Design Service Levels

  38. Technical overview

  39. Single LibraryH3lp Server

  40. Moving forward: the cloud

  41. Open Source Components • Ejabberd • Erlang • Mnesia • Yaws • Apache • ErlyWeb • ErlyComet • MySQL • Python • pyTransports • Libpurple • C • PLT Scheme • JWChat • JSJaC • jQuery • SWIG

  42. Open source contributions Widget Port of ErlyComet to ErlyWeb Plugin Patches to Ejabberd Patches to Yaws Patches to pyTransports Significant work on j2j Libpurple multi-protocol gateway Scheme-interface