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SWW Reflection

SWW Reflection

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SWW Reflection

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  1. SWW Reflection 20th - 24th Jan Technology Expert:Sara Photographer:Aisha Reporter 1:Hend Reporter 2:Elyssa

  2. click on this link to see SWW map SWW map

  3. Team Building Activities Human Knot, Skis and Blindfold. Which was your favourite activity and why? Give 2 examples how these activities helped you to work together (collaborate). Our favorite was the Skis and Blindfold. Aisha; It was my favorite because we could eat chocolate. Sara; It was my favorite because we were blindfolded and people would instruct you on where to go. Elyssa;It was my favorite because you could control the person being blindfolded and make them confused. Hend; It was my favorite because it was fun and you had to trust that the people to lead you in the right direction.

  4. Science Activity Write about.. What you saw around you as you walked to the activity? What you did? What you learned? Elyssa: I saw Crabs, Shrimp, Fish, Flamingos, and a lot of garbage. We climbed up the Purple Mountain. I learned not to throw garbage on the floor. Hend: Rocks, Mountains, Shells. She walked threw the river. One side of the desert has more plants than the other side. Sara: Plants, and strange animals. She climbed the Purple Mountain. I learned how the plants lived in that environment. Aisha: Shells, Berrys, Mangroves, Rocks, and Lizards. She slided down the Purple Mountain. She learned that people should not destroy the environment.

  5. Humanities GPS Activity Add your group's poem and photos spelling out HUMANITIES, and the pictures measuring the rocks and plants. H: House Poem: U: Underground E: I was in a desert environment M: Mountains N: I used a navigation system A: Animals V: N: Nike I: We had an investigation with challenges on the sheet. I: Investigation R: The rocks were painful when they went in your shoes. T: Trash O: I: Investigation N: There were a few nests around the area E: Environment M: There were big mountains S: Shells E: The environment was really hot N: the nature there was peaceful T: The trees there were very intresting

  6. Cultural Activities Describe the cultural activities. Write 3 sentences for each using adjectives about what saw, smelled, heard, and felt. • Coffee Activity: Saw: Beans, Powder, Hot water, Dates. Smell: Sea, Coffee. Heard: Birds, Cat. Feel: Soft, Hot. • Pearl Diving: Saw: Shells, Compass. Smell: Stinky. Heard: People talking, Cat. Feel: Hard.

  7. Cultural Dinner Make a table about what food you enjoyed during the trip. Indicate if you took a risk and tried something new. Add the name of each person on the table.

  8. Any comments on the other parts of the trip? Each person should add a comment about the following: Write your name after your comment. • Bus journey: It was really fun on the way back cause we were singing and dancing- Elyssa 6D It was fun because we were all singing- Hend 6D It was fun because we were singing- Sarah 6D In the way back it was really fun because we were dancing- Aisha 6E • Football games: It was so fun because we were winning- Aisha 6E • Snacks: The snacks were not that bad they were better than last year- Elyssa 6D The snacks were bad because they didn't taste good- Aisha 6E The snacks were bad because it doesn't have any taste- Hend 6D • Cup game: The cup game was really fun because not all the girls play football so they can play the cup game- Elyssa 6D The cup game was fun because its a nice game- Aisha 6D The cup game was fun because we showed other people how to do it-Hend 6D The cup game was really fun because we taught other people how to play- Sarah 6D

  9. Reflection Best Parts.... What were the highlights of the trip for you? The recorder should add a quote for each person in the group. Person 1: My favorite part was when we went with Mr.Isom and caught a fish- Elyssa 6D Person 2: Playing football with my friends- Aisha 6D Person 3: My favorite part was when we climbed the Purple Mountain with Mr. Isom- Sarah 6D Person 4: My favorite part was when we caught a shrimp with Mr. Isom- Hend 6D

  10. Reflection: Most Challenging Parts... The recorder should add a quote for each person in the group. Person 1: The most challenging part was when we slided down the mountain-Hend 6D Person 2: When we had to hike up the mountain with Mr. Isom- Aisha 6E Person 3: When I had to walk around the mountain because I didn't want to slide down-Elyssa 6D Person 4: When we had to climb down to the beach to see the crabs- Sarah 6D

  11. Food For Thought: Barely 2 generations ago, people in Qatar were living nomadic lives in the desert WITHOUT cell phones and GPS navigators. Describe what you think life would like if you lived in the desert 20 - 30 years ago. It would be really hot, it wouldn't be comfortable to live in, And it would be really hard to get water and food. The recorder should compile the ideas from the group to write a 5 sentence description.

  12. Any other points.... It was really fun especially Mr. Isim's activity.