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Congo. John Lauve. Capital-Brazzaville. Major Cities:. B oko. Ngo. Zinga. Okoyo. Makoua. Congo River. Blue Mounts. Mount . Nabeba. Kouilou-Niari River. Atlantic Ocean. Kisantu Catholic Cathedral. Zongo Falls. Nyiragongo Volcano. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES.

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  1. Congo John Lauve

  2. Capital-Brazzaville Major Cities: Boko Ngo Zinga Okoyo Makoua Congo River Blue Mounts. Mount. Nabeba Kouilou-NiariRiver Atlantic Ocean

  3. Kisantu Catholic Cathedral Zongo Falls Nyiragongo Volcano

  4. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Kahuzi-BiegaNational Park: Soccer

  5. The flag of the Republic of the Congo was originally adopted on August 18, 1958. It was abandoned in 1970, at the beginning of the socialist period of the "People's Republic of Congo," but then readopted on June 10, 1991. The colors are the traditional Pan-African colors, and stem from the colors of the flag of Ethiopia. The distinctive diagonal pattern sets it apart from other Pan-African flags.

  6. Climate Tropical; hot and humid in equatorial river basin; cooler and drier in southern highlands; cooler and wetter in eastern highlands; north of Equator - wet season April to October, dry season December to February; south of Equator - wet season November to March, dry season April to October.

  7. Transportation

  8. Arts and Culture Dancing Carving and pottery

  9. Languages National or official languages: Lingala, Kituba, French. Literacy rate: 63%–80% (1996). Immigrant languages: Greek (400), Hausa (4,000), Portuguese (600), Sango (54,000).

  10. Lobster

  11. Natural Hazards droughts Volcanoes

  12. Top Three Imports/Exports Imports: Exports Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products Boiler, machinery, nuclear reactors.

  13. Additional Information • Life Expectancy- male: 53.62 years female: 56.25 years • Main Religon- Christianity • Largest Ethnic Group- Kongo • Population- 4,117,000 • Government — Dictatorship • Currency —Franc CFA

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