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Washington School Improvement Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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Washington School Improvement Framework

Washington School Improvement Framework

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Washington School Improvement Framework

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  1. Washington School Improvement Framework March 2018

  2. Starting with the Why… Starting with the Why…

  3. Improvement Mindset Everyone is in the business of continuous improvement. Schools are identified for support to improve student learning—they are not identified as failing. Honor what works + explore opportunities to innovate Different needs require different supports. Change takes time.

  4. The What:ImprovementFramework

  5. NCLB vs. ESSA Indices No Child Left Behind Era: Identified the bottom 10% of schools in Priority and Focus Every Student Succeeds Act Era: Establishes a baseline of performance--schools that fall under this are identified for Comprehensive or Targeted supports. NCLB Index WSIF Score Achievement Growth Graduation Rate English Learner Progress School Quality Student Success (SQSS) Attendance 9th Graders on Track Advanced Course Taking (Dual Credit) By All Students + Disaggregated by Student Population • Achievement • Graduation Rate • By All Students + Disaggregated by Student Population

  6. Washington’s Improvement Indicators

  7. Weighting the Measures

  8. WSIF& Lowest Performing 5%

  9. WSIF& Lowest Performing 5 Percent • Set a threshold marking the lowest performing 5 percent of schools (Schools identified for Comprehensive Support). • The same threshold will be used withstudent group WSIF scores to identify schools for Targeted support. Identified for Comprehensive Support

  10. Use Comprehensive Threshold to Identify Student Groups for Targeted Support Threshold ForComp Support Identified for Targeted Support

  11. The How: System and School Support

  12. NCLB vs. ESSA Indices Support Categories

  13. NCLB vs. ESSA Supports Differentiated supports matched to need Comprehensive Targeted (3+ groups) Targeted (1-2 groups) All-Schools


  15. OSPI Sample Reports

  16. Learn more about ESSA

  17. Seek assistance from the Office of System and School Improvement (OSSI)

  18. EXAMPLE Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism Information and resources available on each indicator OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION

  19. More information on supports coming… • An invitation for superintendents to attend a regional meeting at the ESD • Scheduled Zoom sessions hosted by the ESDs for specific audiences such as: Special Education, English Learners, Title programs, Principals, Small districts, etc. • ESDs will continue to work closely with you to gather information on how best to support district needs and plan resources for the 2018-2019 school year. • Scheduled ESD Outreach meetings in the spring • OSPI looks forward to working with you OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION