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  1. Computer As PersonalStorage

  2. Mass Storage We are people who have massive amounts of things to store.We need more room, more closets, more garages, more space!

  3. But I need spaece! We Need More Digital Space Too!

  4. In The Old Days. . .

  5. Or does anyone remember this? This says: “Welcome to the DHS Training 4 Trainers at the Doubletreein Nashville, Tennessee.”

  6. Our appetite for space is hard to satiate. 100 mb 1.44 mb 650 mb

  7. Good Space Is: • Inexpensive • Portable • Rewritable • Big, Mega Big

  8. It Ain’t Feng Shui, but This Is Good Space

  9. And It’s All Yours! WHY?????? • Backing-up Data • Transporting Data • Distributing Data • Securing Data Keep your stuff Move your stuff Give your stuff away Take care of your stuff

  10. How to use a USB Mass Storage Device

  11. This is a Plug and Play Device That means easy to use!

  12. Simply Plug It In and It Wants to Work

  13. The first time you use your Jumpdrive, your computer will ask you to do a few things to get things set up correctly. Here’s what you’ll need to do. This is forWindows 98SE/Me/2000/XP users.

  14. Folks running Windows 98 have to do onemore thing. (OH NO!) You must download a driver from the internet.

  15. Double-Click on this .exe file. Then plug the Jumpdrive into the USB port of your computer. Then follow the previous instructions.

  16. Using the Jumpdrive Use it like a floppy drive or a CD drive. Browse to “My Computer” after the Jumpdrive is plugged in.Here is what you will see. Double-Click the Removable Disk Icon

  17. The storage capacity of the 128MB JumpDrive holds as much data as approximately 90 floppy disks! With the JumpDrive, you can even transfer files between your PC and Mac with no extra steps.

  18. Add data by dragging and dropping or by saving directly to the Removable Disk Drive. You can work directly on this drive, just like you might work on a network drive!

  19. Removing the Jumpdrive from your Computer Try to remember not to just pull the Jumpdrive out of the USB Port. Instead, you must politely ask if you can remove it. Click on the Unplug Hardware icon pictured above. Choose to “Stop USB Mass Storage Device.” Or Double-Click the icon and the following screen appears.

  20. Choose USB Mass Storage Device and select Stop.Then you can unplug your Jumpdrive.

  21. Have Fun Using Your Jumpdrive