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  1. computer

  2. »  »  »  Mobile computing for advanced productivity and multimedia functionality. Home & Home Office notebook computers Notebook PCs are lightweight, powerful, and durable with long-lasting batteries. Business notebook computers Laptop computers for secure, high-performance, and mobile productivity. Tablet PCs The ultramobile PC that adapts to the way you work.

  3. Athlon Notebook Computers

  4. Celeron & Celeron-M Notebooks

  5. WHAT IS HARDWARE Hardware is best described as a device that is physically connected to your computer or something that can be physically touched. A CD-ROM, Monitor, and Printer are all examples of computer hardware. CLEANING HARDWARE Information on how to clean any of your computer hardware components can be found on our cleaning page. DRIVERS If you are looking for drivers for hardware devices, we have a completed list on our drivers page. ADDING HARDWARE Additional information and help with adding or installing computer hardware components can be found on document CHADD.

  6. Notebook Laptop Accessories

  7. »  »  »  Workstations Powerful products engineered for high performance and enhanced visualization. Home & Home Office desktop PCs Advanced productivity and multimedia tools for home office applications. Business desktop PCs Stable, dependable PCs for your business. Productivity and manageability at the office and multimedia and digital technology at home.

  8. Notebook Laptop Adapters

  9. Tablet PCs

  10. Power-aware design aims to control power dissipation in high-performance systems without impacting performance and to reduce power consumption in portable equipment without increasing the cost. The topics covered in this issue include research revealing the advantages of heterogeneous chip multiprocessors in terms of power and throughput, a framework for scientific applications that achieves energy savings with minimal performance impact, and the fuel gauging techniques that developers implement to determine the viability of small, portable electronic devices. Power-Aware Computing

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