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  1. 3 Computer JEOPARDY Bobbie, Sandy, Trudy

  2. Parts is Parts I Think I Can I Think I Can How’s Your Memory? RememberThis! Scattered Bits 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  3. Parts Is Parts100 All the components in a computer connect to this main circuit board. A: What is a motherboard? 6454 Ch 7 Aging in Families

  4. Parts Is Parts 200 This component can usually be identified by its associated cooling apparatus such as a heat sink and fan. A: What is a processor or CPU? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  5. Parts Is Parts 300 The temporary workspace used by tasks currently being executed by the processor is usually called this. A: What is memory or RAM? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  6. Parts Is Parts 400 These components store massive amounts of data but are far too slow to be used directly by processing tasks. A: What are hard disks or storage devices? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  7. Parts Is Parts 500 This component converts AC to DC. A: What is a power supply? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  8. I Think I CanI Think I Can100 The major factor in determining processor speed, usually expressed in gigahertz. A: What is clock speed? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  9. I Think I CanI Think I Can200 The list of possible commands a processor is designed to perform. A: What is an instruction set? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  10. I Think I CanI Think I Can300 A budget priced processor for a Windows PC. A: What is a Celeron or Sempron processor? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  11. I Think I CanI Think I Can400 The two companies that market processors for Windows computers. A: What are Intel and AMD? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  12. I Think I CanI Think I Can500 Special high-speed memory built into the processor chip to hold recently used instructions and data. A: What is Level 1 (L1) Cache? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  13. How’s Your Memory?100 Common term for a board that contains memory chips. A: What is a DIMM? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  14. How’s Your Memory?200 If current processing tasks exceed memory capacity, your computer will use part of the hard disk as this A: What is virtual memory? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  15. How’s Your Memory?300 Access time for RAM is typically expressed in these units. A: What are nanoseconds or gigahertz? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  16. How’s Your Memory?400 Most RAM is this type of memory that requires a continuous supply of power to retain data. A: What is volatile memory? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  17. How’s Your Memory?500 Read only memory (ROM) is used to hold the startup routine for a computer because it has these two characteristics. A: What is non-volatile and permanent? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  18. Remember This!100 CD’s and DVD’s fall into this major category of storage technology. A: What is optical storage? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  19. Remember This! 200 This very compact and portable storage device connects to a computer through a USB port. A: What is flash memory? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  20. Remember This! 300 This type of CD drive allows you to write data to the media once but read as many times as you like. A: What is CD-R? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  21. Remember This! 400 Computers are designed with a number of these empty spaces intended to hold storage devices. A: What are drive bays? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  22. Remember This! 500 Access time for a hard disk is usually expressed in these time units. A: What are milliseconds or thousandths of a second? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  23. Scattered Bits100 This is now the most popular port for connecting peripheral devices. A: What is a USB port? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  24. Scattered Bits200 A popular type of printer technology ideal for high quality output in low volume situations. A: What are inkjet printers? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  25. Scattered Bits300 This type of expansion slot has replaced ISA as the industry standard. A: What is a PCI slot? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  26. Scattered Bits400 This is now the most popular port for connecting peripheral devices. A: What is a USB port? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  27. Scattered Bits500 The type of expansion slot found on notebook computers. A: What is a PCMCIA slot? S2C07 Jeopardy Review