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  1. 2 Computer JEOPARDY

  2. How’s YourInbox? ComputersGet Sick Too See You in Cyberspace W Cubed Scattered Bits 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  3. How’s Your Inbox?100 A term for a file that travels with an email message. A: What is an attachment? 6454 Ch 7 Aging in Families

  4. How’s Your Inbox? 200 The two widely used methods for providing e-mail service to individuals. A: What are POP and web-based? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  5. How’s Your Inbox? 300 An email address consists of a user ID and this, separated by an @ sign. A: What is a domain name? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  6. How’s Your Inbox? 400 Email attachments are commonly used to spread this type of unwanted program. A: What is a virus? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  7. How’s Your Inbox? 500 This feature prevents members of a group email list from seeing each other’s email addresses. A: What is blind carbon copy or BCC? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  8. Computers Get Sick Too100 This is a set of instructions that attaches itself to a file and replicates those same instructions to other files. A: What is a virus? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  9. Computers Get Sick Too 200 These unwanted programs use network security flaws to spread from computer to computer instead of from file to file. A: What is a worm? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  10. Computers Get Sick Too 300 A program that appears to perform one function while actually doing something completely different. A: What is a Trojan horse? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  11. Computers Get Sick Too 400 A type of unwanted program often used by advertisers. A: What is a spyware? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  12. Computers Get Sick Too 500 Users of antivirus software require ongoing updates to this to remain protected from new viruses A: What is a virus definition file? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  13. See You in Cyberspace100 Term for a set of rules established to allow devices to communicate with each other. A: What is a protocol? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  14. See You in Cyberspace200 Two of the most commonly used “always on” internet connections. A: What are DSL and cable? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  15. See You in Cyberspace300 The set of rules used by the internet for electronic addressing and transmission of data. A: What is TCP/IP? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  16. See You in Cyberspace400 These devices located at intersections in the internet’s communication lines direct data toward its destination. A: What are routers? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  17. See You in Cyberspace500 Data whizzes around the internet in little chunks called this. A: What are packets? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  18. W Cubed100 The address of a web page is also referred to as this. A: What is a URL or Uniform Resource Locator? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  19. W Cubed200 A general term for Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or any program used to view web pages. A: What is a web browser? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  20. W Cubed300 The address of a web page begins with these letters that represent the protocol used by web pages. A: What is HTTP or hypertext transfer protocol? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  21. W Cubed400 The address of a web page looks similar to one of these except the storage device is replaced with the web server name. A: What is a file path or file specification? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  22. W Cubed500 Web pages consist of a mixture of text and formatting tags called this. A: What is HTML or Hypertext Markup Lanbuage? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  23. Scattered Bits100 In addition to a standard phone line, a dial-up connection to the internet requires that your computer has one of these devices. A: What is a modem? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  24. Scattered Bits200 This is the Internet’s equivalent of the Interstate Highway system. A: What is the backbone? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  25. Scattered Bits300 The only means of avoiding worms is to be aware of and install these as they are announced. A: What are Microsoft security updates? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  26. Scattered Bits400 A form of extortion which threatens to shut down a web site by flooding it with useless traffic from thousands of zombie computers. A: What is a denial of service attack? S2C07 Jeopardy Review

  27. Scattered Bits500 An identity theft scam using official looking but bogus email messages to trick people into revealing personal financial information. A: What is phishing? S2C07 Jeopardy Review