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  1. Computer R C I E M By: Megan Price Defining denial of service, worm, virus and email hoax. Examples of negligence or incompetence that leads to crime.

  2. Computer Crime Overview • General Facts about Computer Crime • Denial of Service • Information relating to Worm and Virus • Causes of Computer Crime • What is an email hoax? • Questions/ Comments • References

  3. General Information What is computer crime? Any crime in which the computer is the primary factor Examples include : -Unauthorized Use -Forgery & Counterfeiting -Fraud & Larceny -Harassment or stalking in cyberspace -Stealing Information by obtaining the hard drive or laptop -Inappropriate use of Internet services

  4. Denial of Service • An Incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a resource they would normally have and need • Destroy programming & files in a system • Does not usually result in theft information or security loss • Usually intentional and malicious but can happen accidentally

  5. DoS Examples • Commonly, a DoS attack happens when more traffic is sent to a network address than the programmers planned (basically too much information for system to handle) • Sending oversized ICMP packets • SYN Attack, Teardrop Attack, Smurf Attack, Viruses

  6. Computer Virus A program or code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge. Facts about Viruses: - all viruses are manmade and are spread by human action - simple viruses are dangerous because they use up memory and bring system to a halt - more complex viruses can transmit across networks and bypass security systems - commonly spread by sharing infecting files and sending viruses as attachments in email

  7. Virus vs. Worm Worm- subclass of a virus and similar by design Difference is its capability to travel within the computer without outside help of a person. Has the capability to replicate itself on the computer Example: worm replicates and send itself out to everyone in receiver's address book and continues in the same manner

  8. Email Hoax Intentional email messages warning about false viruses and suggestions to remove a file or send the false warning to those in your email address book Warning signs against a hoax: • Look for phrases like “forward this to everyone you know” and “this is not a hoax” • Uppercase letters and exclamation points are warning signs • Check references related to the information to verify it is factual and true • Hoax is often in the form of a chain letter

  9. Protection for Computers Viruses= Anti Virus Protection Anti virus software: program that searches hard drive and floppy disk for potential viruses. If a virus is present the software will clean and delete necessary files Worm =Firewall Firewall is often a program that will not allow any unauthorized computers to get acess to protected computers. Important to protect networks from Internet hackers.

  10. References • Http:/ • •,HPIC:2006-42, HPIC:en&defl=en&q=define: Email+hoax&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title •