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Lack of Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Lack of Information

Lack of Information

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Lack of Information

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  1. Resistance to Change, Risk Aversion Lack of Appropriate Machines Lack of Training for Personnel Lack of Information Limited Resources Other problems My key message to control theorists was to look beyond control. Look at combining diagnostics, prognostics and control – that’s the future, because if you only focus on control as a thin slice, you’re only going to get so much out of it - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION’S CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, SUJEET CHAND

  2. ISA 95/ISA 88 ERM/PLM General Recipe ISA 95 Part 4 Information ISA 95 Part 2 Information ISA 88 Information Used to define Used to define ERP Operation Definition MES Work Master MES Work Directive BES Master Recipe Control Recipe Step may reference Relates to one or more Used to create Configuration ERP Operations Schedule MES Work Schedule MES Job List BES Batch List Used to create Dispatching view Batch view of Jobs Execution ERP Operation Performance MES Work Performance MES – Historian Work Record BES/Historian Batch Production Record Has data used to create Has data used to create Has data used to create Visualization Level 3 Ref: ISA-TR95-02_WD01 Figures.pptx

  3. MOM CENTRAL LANDSCAPE WITH ACTIVITIES Identify inventory, accounting, & planning reporting segments SCOR Enable and Plan for Source, Make, Deliver, Return SCM ERP PLM -Entrp master data OAGIS -IT Security: ISO17799 Op Req: Product Def; Make Product (material, eqp, personnel, production req’s) Identify reporting points Determine the routing, add material transport, identify work centers & instructions OPC-UA #1/p76, 77, 101 -Production performance -Production capability ISA95 B2MML -Mfg master data MES -Automation Security: ISA99, IEC62443 -equipment/process rules -op command -identify master recipes Various MIMOSA ISA88 BatchMML Define unit procedures & operations in mater recipes -equipment/process data -op response #1/p92 for ISA88 data models BCS, Process Control: Process/physical models, recipes, equipment control -Process Security: ISA84, IEC61508, IEC61511 Key: activity/data Semantic stds/functions Transport/protocol standards #1: MESA course doc #1.

  4. Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

  5. Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

  6. Toyota Production System

  7. KPI I Plant

  8. Flow Shop Layout – VATI Analysis Within the discrete product job shop and flow shops there are 4 basic topologies which describe the flow of material within the process (2, 3).