unit 11 what if n.
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Unit 11: What if…? PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 11: What if…?

Unit 11: What if…?

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Unit 11: What if…?

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  1. Unit 11: What if…?

  2. Table of contents • Vocabulary • Tasks while-reading • Discussion

  3. Vocabulary • Volcano: /vQl"keInJU/(noun):a mountain with a large opening at the top through which gases and hot liquid rock are forced out into the air • Active volcano: the volcano that may erupt any time • Extinct volcano: one that is no longer active • Supervolcano: huge and dangerous volcano • Volcanic /vQl"keInJU/ (a) caused or produced by a volcano Ex: Volcanic rocks can be remained for years.

  4. Vocabulary • Erupt/ I"rVpt/(v): when the volcano erupts, the burning rocks are thrown out from the volcano • Erupt (into sth) to start happening, suddenly and violently = break out:Ex: Violence threatened to erupt into a full-scale war. • Eruption / i'rʌp∫n / (n) Ex: It is considered as a major volcanic eruption • Geysers /"gi:zJ(r)s/ erupt

  5. Vocabulary • chatter /"tS&tJ(r) /(verb):(away / on)/(to sb) (about sth) to talk quickly and continuously, especially about things that are not important: Ex: They chattered away happily for a while. Ex: The children chattered to each other excitedly about the next day’s events

  6. Vocabulary • Shoot /Su:t / (verb)(sth) (at sb/sth) | shoot sth (from sth) to fire a gun or other weapon; to fire sth from a weapon Ex: He immediately shoots at the enemy • Shoot up: to rise suddenly by a large amount Ex: Hot ash and rock would shoot up into the air at 250kmph.

  7. Vocabulary • Destroy /dI"strOI /(v): to damage sth so badly that it no longer exists, etc Ex: The building was completely destroyed by fire • Destruction /dI"strVkSn /(n): the act of destroying sth Ex: The storm caused a lot of destruction of houses. • Destructive /dI"strVktIv/ (adj) # indestructible Ex: Our lives are threatened bythe destructive power of modern weapons Plastic containers are nearly indestructible.

  8. Vocabulary • Cover /"kVvJ(r)/(v) :cover sth (with sth) to place sth over or in front of sth in order to hide or protect it:Ex: She covers her eyes with her hands. • Coverage /"kVvJrIdZ/(n) Ex: A thicker paint will give a better coverage.

  9. Vocabulary • Contaminate /kJn"t&mIneIt/(verb): sth (with sth) to make a substance or place dirty Ex: People contaminate the river with garbage. • Contaminated (a) Ex: The river is contaminated. • Contamination /kJn"t&mIneIt/(n) Ex: People should do things to reduce the environmental contamination.

  10. Vocabulary • Freeze-froze-frozen:// become hard, and turn to ice, as a result of extreme cold Ex: The pig has frozen due to the cold weather. Water freezes at 0°C . • freeze your 'blood | make your 'blood freeze :to make you extremely frightened or shocked

  11. Vocabulary • Block /blQk/(v): to stop sth from moving or flowing through a pipe, a passage, a road, etc Ex: After today’s heavy snow, many roads are still blocked. • Crop /krQp/ : a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially as food • Evidence /"evIdJns /(n) the facts, signs or objects that make you believe that sth is true Ex: I can give the exact evidence to prove that he stole my money.

  12. Vocabulary • Eventually /I"ventSuJli/(adv) = finally Ex: Our flight eventually left five hours late • Fortunately /"fO:tSJnJtli/(adv) = luckily Ex: Fortunately, he won the second prize. • Immediately /I"mi:diJtli/ = at once; right away Ex: He takes her away immediately.

  13. Answering the following question after reading this text 1. Why are volcanoes like Yellowstone called “supervolcanoes”? 2. What would happen in the world if Yellowstone volcano erupted today? 3. How likely is it in future?

  14. Read the first half of the article about “supervolcano”. Mark the sentences true () false (x) or don’t know (?) 1.A supervolcano is a volcano which has recently erupted. 2.Not many people know that Yellowstone Park is a supervolcano. 3.Yellowstone Park is an extinct supervolcano. 4. About 40 supervolcanoes have been found on our planet. 5.The most recent eruption of a supervolcano was in Yellowstone Park. 6. It is unlikely that another supervolcano will erupt. X  ?  X ?

  15. Read the second haft of the article. Put the events in the correct order. If Yellowstone volcano erupted,…. • There would be no summer in Europe.2 • 87.000 people would die immediately.1 • The tropical forest would die.4 • Iceland might start to help feed the world.6 • Warmer countries would have family.5 • Only 10% of our sunlight would reach the earth.3 2 - 1 - 6 - 3 - 5 - 4

  16. Match the items in the first column with the appropriate ones in the second column 3 million Scientists couldn’t find a volcano anywhere in the park 1960s Of sunlight would be blocked The ash would cover the USA 640.000 years ago People comes to the park every year. 87000 90% The last time Yellowstone Park erupted. People would die from the eruption of volcano. 3/4

  17. Discussion Work in group of three and think about this question: “If an eruption did happen, what do you think you could do to try and survive?” Tell the class your ideas.