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  1. Supplements By: Tristan Boissonnault

  2. Creatine • Creatine is an organic acid that naturally occurs in vertebrae's it supplies energy to all the bones and muscles in the body. A creatine supplement will help increase the amount of creatine in the body this will help give you more energy and help rebuild the muscles quicker.

  3. Who makes creatine? • Companies that make supplements for people. Some well known creatine powders are creatine monohydrate and optimum nutrition creatine powder.

  4. What does it do for you? • It holds the belt of apparently being able to give you power, decreased performance time and the synthesis of lean muscle tissue. It is suppose to help gain muscle in certain spots of your body. It also is suppose to increase time of recovery from a workout so that you are not hurting for a long time after.

  5. Who makes the claim? Celebrity Endorsement? • Who makes these claims are body builders and people who have used creatine and scientists that study the product. These facts are scientifically proven. I do not think there is a celebrity that does endorsements for creatine other than maybe a couple UFC fighters.

  6. Proof that it works? • I think that proof that it works is that people continue to use the product and continue to buy it. Also that doctors and scientists have the studies and information to back it up that it does increase body mass and muscle mass. Also that the product continues to evolve because people keep making better and more to one up another company.

  7. Multiple websites? What sites? • There are many websites that promote creatine and it’s positive and negative effects. • Ex…,,, etc….

  8. Similar products? What are they? • There are similar products to creatine but they are not exactly the same they are different in some ways. • Whey protein would be the best example as it basically has the same effects as creatine but it has a different name. It is basically the same product.

  9. Cost? Is it Justified? • 32 ounces of powder Creatine monohydrate 19.99$ • Con-cret concentrated creatine powder 1.27 ounces of powder is 45.99$ • Some of the prices are a little bit shady and expensive but if the product works then I think it is worth it.

  10. Where do you get the product? • You can buy the product online as well as many stores in your city or town. The selection is way better online and you can order in quantity. The stores in your town may not have all the choices or certain one you would like. You can get them basically anywhere.

  11. Difficulties on research? • The difficulties were finding sites that would allow me on them because of the privacy settings, also trying to pick out what was fact and myth as lots of the websites had different information and some of it was completely opposite from other websites.

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