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Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

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Dietary supplements

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  1. Dietary Supplements are products that are sold to supplement the diet and provide naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients commonly found in our food. They are legal and can be bought at Health food outlets and even drug stores in Canada

    Dietary supplements

  2. Do Supplements Work?? They are generally considered safe but it is questionable about how valuable they are in building fitness since a proper diet can provide the same nutrients. Most of the claims by company’s who manufacture supplements are not backed up by the research done on them. In fact, a lot of the research shows athletes who use supplements have no significant improvement in fitness compared to those eating a balanced diet. The ingredients in supplements are found naturally in food.
  3. Are they worth the money?? Like a sponge that can only absorb so much liquid, the body can only absorb so many nutrients at a time. Taking mega doses such as found in most supplements, results in much being wasted. A proper diet can provide the amount of nutrients needed to train in most cases.
  4. The terms steroids, “roids” or “juice” usually refer to anabolic steroids, which are synthetic (man-made) substances similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. The term “anabolic” refers to muscle growth. Anabolic steroids combined with intense training, can produce an increase in muscle mass and physical strength enhancing sport performance. Users typically take a pill form or use a hypodermic needle to inject steroids directly into the blood stream. Some may come in a cream that is applied directly on the skin.

    Anabolic Steroids

  5. Human Growth Hormone Human Growth Hormone or HGH is among the latest of high profile steroids used by athletes to improve performance. It became very popular because it was found to be very effective at improving performance while being almost impossible to detect.
  6. The controversy over steroid use is that while athletes use them to get a competitive edge, it is proven that long term and heavy doses of steroids can cause serious health problems. Many cancers and other health conditions are proven risks of Steroid use.

    Are steroids safe

  7. The fair and even playing field issue. Athletes use steroids to gain an edge over the competition but put their health at risk. Athletes who compete clean are at a disadvantage and may feel pressure to do roids to even the playing field. Most sports amateur and pro sport organizations have rules that ban steroid use.

    Sports and steroid issues

  8. Steroids Sport and Money Winning can mean making a lot of money (millions) so the temptation to use is great in Pro Sport. A number of athletes have been caught using steroids, considered cheating, and have lost their careers and fame. Some have even died from side effects.
  9. Heavy Steroid use can lead to severe health issues: Lyle Alzado Oakland Raiders, Florence Griffith Joyner Track Olympian, John Kordic Montreal Canadians and others are suspected to have died from side effects that resulted from steroid use.
  10. Famous sports figures who lost fame and fortune for Steroid use Ben Johnson – Canadian Olympic Track Marion Jones – US Olympic Track Barry Bonds – Baseball Lance Armstrong - Cycling
  11. Many performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids, are illegal because of the health risks. While there are some medical uses for anabolic steroids, they are never prescribed to healthy young men for building muscles.

    Is steroid use legal?

  12. Lance Armstrong stripped of his 7 Tour De France Wins for Doping1999 - 2005
  13. Steroid Research AssignmentDue next Theory Day (250 words) Research and Submit a report on: Short bio on Lance Armstrong and his steroid scandal What is WADA, its purpose and goals? Most sport governing bodies world have strict rules banning their use. What are the issues for banning Steroids? Should steroid use be permitted in Sport? What do you think? Give your reasons and back them up.