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Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements. Kaley McNay – Anda Shiarla –Nathan Sparks. Weight Loss Drugs. Kaley McNay – Anda Shiarla –Nathan Sparks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2UxVeDSDTk. Watch video. Up Until the 1930’s…. Legislation to protect consumers.

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Dietary Supplements

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  1. Dietary Supplements Kaley McNay – Anda Shiarla –Nathan Sparks

  2. Weight Loss Drugs Kaley McNay – Anda Shiarla –Nathan Sparks

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2UxVeDSDTk Watch video

  4. Up Until the 1930’s…

  5. Legislation to protect consumers • 1906 – Pure Food and Drugs Act (spawned FDA) was eventually ruled unenforceable for therapeutic drugs • 1912 – Shirley Amendment made patent medicine fraud prosecutable, still nearly unenforceable as actual fraud had to be proven • 1938 – Food Drugs and Cosmetics Act gave FDA more power over therapeutic drugs, added pre-market approval • 1951 – Humphrey Durham Amendment • 1962 – Drug Amendments now made it so drugs had to be safe and effective • Laws since the 1960’s

  6. Trimspa Fined $1.5 million by the FTC Claims not supported by scientific evidence CortiSlim Surrendered assets worth $12 million to settle FTC charges False claims of weight loss Companies in Trouble

  7. Bayer Fined $3.2 million by the FTC Violated order by FTC requiring scientific evidence USA Prescriptions Inc. Weight Watcher’s sued the software company Pop-up ads for diet pills on Weight Watcher’s website Deceived the customers Companies in Trouble

  8. Ingredients Thyroid extracts Acts like human thyroid hormones Increase metabolism Fat burners Raise metabolism Break down body fat Ephedra Originally used for asthma Similar to amphetamines Side effects Heart attacks Anxiety Vomiting Difficult urination Manic episodes Insomnia Seizures Racing heart Kidney failure/stones Severe headache Death Dietary Supplements

  9. Facts • Voluntary reports of adverse reactions • 180 deaths linked to herbs and supplements over the past few years • Herbal supplements not regulated by the FDA • FDA will wait until it receives reports of problems caused by supplements before it can investigate and ban a dietary supplement

  10. Ephedra Supplement Lawsuits • Misleading / deceptive advertising • Did not mention health risks (Xenedrine) • Increased blood pressure • Irritability of the heart • Heart conditions and death • Cytodine Technologies contends: • 17 times faster • Strength, energy, and endurance

  11. Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler -Died February 17 at age 23-Collapsed at spring training

  12. Ehedra banned by NFL, NCAA, and IOC • Baseball commissioner advising against use of products containing Ephedra • Want company to include health risk information in supplement ads • Warning labels: heart attack and strokes • Warning regarding warm weather • U.S. Food and Drug Administration • 100 deaths linked to supplement

  13. Full ban • The standard that companies can't market dietary supplements "that pose a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury" still stands • The company has no immediate plans to begin selling the supplement again • Cytodyne Technologies stated: • It's not a coincidence that at this time the prosecutors have decided to file these allegations, given the current sensationalized climate surrounding ephedra."

  14. Takeaway • As retailers move more into branding their own products, risk from product failure, from potentially false claims, and from consumer safety issues needs to be considered. • Damage from one product issue no longer just affects one product, but may affect the retailer’s other store brands and the retailer itself (consumer backlash)

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