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Dietary Supplements Overview

Dietary supplement is used to reduce weight in a natural way. Effects of it include suppressing appetite, increasing body’s metabolism, and has diuretic effect.

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Dietary Supplements Overview

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  1. Diet Pills

  2. History of Dietary Supplements • Few decades back it is used as • vitamins • minerals • amino acids • 19th Century • thyroid hormone • treats hypothyroidism • reduces weight in people who have normal thyroid function

  3. Diet Pills reduce weight by: • Suppressing appetite • Increasing body’s metabolism • Stimulating fat burning effects • Diuretic effect • Raises resting energy • Smooth muscle relaxation

  4. Health Benefits in Using Diet Pills • Increases cardiovascular health • Reduces blood pressure • Increases oxygen transport • Improves digestion • Promotes cell repair

  5. Side effects of diet pills • Nausea • Vomiting • Gastrointestinal upset • Headache • Stomachache

  6. Diet pills are indicated for • a BMI of 25 or greater • Obese • Hypertension • Cardiovascular Problems

  7. Contraindications in Diet Pills • Pregnant • Breastfeeding • Children below 18 years old • Coronary Artery Disease • Stroke

  8. Overall Health Goals • Achieve the desired weight • Improves heart health • Fulfill the needed nutrients • Improve the function of the body system

  9. New Recommended Ingredients • Stevia or Stevia leaf • Bark extract of Pao Pereira tree • Glucose Metabolism Modulator • Porcine Relaxin • Resveratrol • Type II Collagen

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