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The Interview

The Interview

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The Interview

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  1. The Interview

  2. Following the events of September 11, 2001, first-person accounts of the day were recorded in a special 9-11 project. The following is one example from this interview project: Interview with Allison Treulter Interview

  3. Interview someone about his/her recollection of the events of September 11, 2001 and present this interview in recorded format. Your Challenge:

  4. Make a list of five individuals you might interview regarding their experiences on 9-11. Who remembers? Who will give you thoughtful responses? To whom do you have access? Your Interview

  5. Create a list of ten interview questions which are open-ended (requiring a more detailed response other than “yes” or “no). “Tell me about that day.” “How did you find about the attacks?” “In looking back on that day, what do you find most memorable?” Your Questions

  6. Based on the questions you have written at this point, rank the five individuals in your list. Some of your individuals could speak well about topics other than this subject. Age could play a part in your selection. There could be someone from that list who has a unique perspective. Your Interviewee Selection

  7. Once your interview subject has been chosen, revise your questions. How might your subject provide an interesting perspective on the events? Provide your interview subject with your questions so that he/she might ponder the responses. Revising Your Questions

  8. You may record your interview in the format of your choice. Audio: you could use your computer, but be sure to check sound levels. Video: more difficult to edit in the case of errors. BE SURE TO THANK YOUR INTERVIEWEE WHEN FINISHED! Recording the Interview

  9. Submit your interview in the format which fits your recording. This interview will be viewed/heard by your classmates. The final interviews will be accessible to your parents at the Open House. Submission of your Interview

  10. Questions???