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Features of Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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Features of Africa

Features of Africa

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Features of Africa

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  1. Features of Africa

  2. Complete this statement… “Africa’s physical geography is”….

  3. How large is Africa?

  4. 4 6 0 0 M I L E S Africa’s area =USA India Argentina Europe New Zealand China 5000 MILES

  5. How many facts about Africa from this video clip can you list?

  6. Many European nations ruled Africa throughout history… • Can you name any of these countries? • What legacies did these European countries give to the African continent?

  7. Which European countries ruled each region? What might have influenced their choices?

  8. Where do most Africans live?

  9. What attracts people to live in these areas of Africa?

  10. Natural resources such as diamondshave an effect on the continent’s population density.

  11. How do the continent’s climates influence population density in Africa?

  12. Let’s identify these climate regions in our notes…

  13. What are some facts about Africa’s major climates? • Steppe-The Sahel (semi-desert) is shrinking daily from desertification becoming part of the Sahara Desert • Desert-Our world’s greatest areas of desert are found in Africa. • Tropical Savanna-Endangered animals such as elephants and lions graze in these grasslands which experience wet and dry seasons. • Tropical Rainforest-Hot, humid climate with daily rainfall. The forests are experiencing deforestation.

  14. Picturing the climates! Desert? Tropical Rainforest? Steppe? Tropical Savanna?

  15. Let’s look at some of Africa’s physical features… What effect do these features have on population density?

  16. How would you Describe Africa’s topography…

  17. Where is the Sahel?

  18. Shade and label the Ethiopian Highlands How would you describe this area’s climate?

  19. What is Africa’s tallest mountain peak? Label this mountain on your map

  20. Mt. Kilimanjaro:Snow on the Equator?

  21. What is the Great Rift Valley?

  22. What formed the Sodium Lakes and Pink Flamingos?

  23. Where am I? What do the colors on this map show? Nile River Delta - Egypt

  24. The Mighty Nile River:“Longest River in the World”

  25. Name this Western African river delta… Niger River Delta- Nigeria

  26. The Niger River Basin • Covers 7.5% of the continent. • Extends over 10 countries. • 2,600 miles long.

  27. Hydroelectric power is generated along Africa’s rivers.

  28. Where is Timbuktu? Why is it an important city in African history?

  29. Lake Chad… you’ve changed!!What caused this change?

  30. Where am I? Why is this an important water body in our world?

  31. Can you spot the mouth of the Congo River? What do you see in the water near this area of the Atlantic Ocean?

  32. Valleys & Plains Great Rift Valley

  33. How did these Rift Valley Lakes form?

  34. These waterfalls are found along the Zambezi River…Where am I ?

  35. This is the world’s longest lake. Can you name it ?

  36. Which character’s reaction would likely match your attitude when visiting Africa? •

  37. What can we say about Lake Tanganyika?

  38. What is this man doing? Where is he in Africa?

  39. How does the Rift Valley benefit Nairobi, Kenya? What might tectonic activity bring to the Rift ‘s geography?

  40. The Drakensberg Mountains have been named many things…use the photo to the left to guess why it was called “Drakensberg . Another group named it for its resemblence to a hunting tool and weapon…. From this view the mountain resembles a piece of kitchen furniture….

  41. Name these animals. In which African region do they live?

  42. The Serengeti-How do the animals in this area adapt to the climate of the Serengeti?

  43. The Namib Desert

  44. Match each animal to its habitat location… • Namib Desert • Lake Victoria • Ethiopian Highlands • Congo Basin Baboon Flamingoes Namaqua Chameleon Gorilla

  45. Hunting and Fishing in Africa… Fifty pound carp from Lake Albert Kudu Bull of Kalahari Desert

  46. Cape of Good Hope or Cape of Storms?

  47. Unique Scenes from Africa

  48. Mediterranean Sea Atlas Mts. Sahara Desert Sahel Tropic of Cancer 20° N Physical Map of Africa Red Sea NileRiver L. Chad--> <--Gulf Aden NigerRiver Ethiopian Highlands L. Albert--> Great Rift Valley Serengeti Plain L. Victoria ΔKilimanjaro Equator 0° Congo River L. Tanganyika-> Indian Ocean Ruwenzori Mts. LaLake Malawi Atlantic Ocean Zambezi River Victoria Falls Tropic of Capricorn20° S Namib Desert Kalahari Desert Drakensburg Mts. Cape of Good Hope Pacific Ocean Cape of Good Hope

  49. Copy and define these words in your notebook. • Climate • Ecosystem • Tectonic • Arid • Savanna • Oasis • Semi-arid • Predator • Adaptation • Region