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  1. AYURVEDA Nature can do more than a physician

  2. What is AYURVEDA? India's customary, regular arrangement of prescription that has been drilled for over many years. Ayurveda gives an incorporated way to deal with counteracting and treating sickness through way of life intercessions and regular treatments. Ayurvedic hypothesis expresses that all ailment starts with an awkwardness or worry in the person's awareness. Way of life intercessions are a noteworthy ayurvedic preventive and restorative methodology. Add your first bullet point here. AYUR= Long Life VEDA= Science of longevity

  3. History of AYURVEDA It is trusted that the antiquated rishis or soothsayers of India got the endowment of Ayurveda from their Hindu divine beings around 5,000 years prior. Basic data for how to accomplish a decent and solid life was recorded in their holy messages, the Vedas, explicitly the Atharva Veda. All the four Vedas - Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda - contain numerous references of drug and depiction of sicknesses. Various microscopic organisms are portrayed as in charge of different ailments. Atharva Veda is alluded to as a branch of Ayurveda. In the event that the historical backdrop of Ayurveda is followed from our accessible old writings, it is referenced that Ayurveda was conceptualized with the commencement of the universe.

  4. Basic Elements • Space • Air • Fire • Water • Earth

  5. Vata Dosha The individuals who practice Ayurveda trust this is the most dominant of each of the three doshas. It controls fundamental body capacities, similar to how cells separate. It additionally controls your psyche, breathing, blood stream, heart capacity, and capacity to dispose of waste through your digestion tracts. Things that can disturb it incorporate eating again too early after a supper, dread, sorrow, and remaining up past the point of no return.

  6. This vitality controls your assimilation, digestion (how well you separate nourishments), and certain hormones that are connected to your craving. Things that can upset it are eating acrid or fiery sustenance's and investing an excessive amount of energy in the sun.  On the off chance that it's your principle life power, you're believed to be bound to create conditions like Crohn's ailment, coronary illness, hypertension, and contaminations. Pitta Dosha

  7. Kapha Dosha This life power controls muscle development, body quality and soundness, weight, and your safe framework. You can disturb it by resting amid the day, eating an excessive number of sweet sustenance's, and eating or drinking things that contain an excess of salt or water. In the event that it's your primary life vitality, experts trust you may create asthma and other breathing issue, malignancy, diabetes, queasiness in the wake of eating, and corpulence.

  8. Importance in Human Life Ayurveda is having great importance in human life as it gives healthy life and secondly cure the diseases. It is a positive and optimistic outlook of the life. It stands for the Knowledge of life so it restore the health in the diseased person. It is used in many healthcare systems. It reduces the analgesic usage.

  9. ABOUT US Ayurveda is a very presumed association which is giving Ayurveda benefits in everywhere throughout the world. numerous people groups are related with us and picking up advantages from our administrations. our fundamental objective is to spread over administrations all around the globe and fend off the tensions from life of individuals