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Dixie and Bob’s Island Get Away 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Dixie and Bob’s Island Get Away 2010

Dixie and Bob’s Island Get Away 2010

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Dixie and Bob’s Island Get Away 2010

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  1. Dixie and Bob’s Island Get Away 2010 The boat wheel gripped tight with captain carl’s hands, In case of mutiny by this man! With our bikes packed and polished, We met at the bank. With smiles on our faces and gas in our tanks. _______________ Great hotels and plans, Dixie’s praises we sung. Loose stones and rain?... We blamed Mr. DeYoung. ________________ St. Lawerence Seaway, We boarded a boat. Seeing Little Tom Thumb And the castle of Bolt. ________________

  2. The tour was nice for those of us without dough, To see how the other half lives on Millionaire’s Row. These biker rebels were fast on their feet, Directions clearly stated, please stay in your seats!

  3. To the locks we then traveled To see the big ships. Trying to maneuver our tires Through Canadian Goose _ _ _ _. The locks fully functional lowering water fast, In only a few minutes, we saw nothing but mast. How close can you get? (That’s what I heard) So Bob, here is your photo (I’m flipping you the bird!)

  4. The lake Champlain house with the big garage, Served as a changing room during a brief barrage….. We saw Rock of Ages where granite was mined, And later saw it skillfully sculpted at the motorcycle shrine. We witnessed energy consciousness on New England’s hills.. Watching a hundred or more sleek turning windmills. ____________ Through Vermont’s ski resorts (though lacking in snow), Curvy roads ribboned through Smuggler’s notch into Stowe. ____________

  5. Kancamagus highway was so much fun, Some were waytoo busy watching bathers in the sun. No moose came around to have their pictures taken, (Did I mention those sun bathers were totally naked?) We rode in this beauty for miles and miles, And were already doing” it” when Scott said “smile”! Two constant questions were asked by this bunch, Where is Scott and when is lunch?

  6. The harbor’s lobster dinner had people’s heart all a flutter, While their hands and faces were full of butter! Dixie tackled that lobster with such delight, You’ll have to ask her about the rest of the night! Lobster sandwich on the water didn’t cost big bucks, The entertainment furnished by black dipper ducks. While traveling in Salem, I thought we’d see witches, But all we experienced were sons of _ _ _ _ _ _ _. The ride home was far from fun, But I think we were more sad to realize it was over and done. Thanks Bob and Dixie for the trip and the sights, We’ll look back on this trip with much delight! Cherished memories and photos I have placed here. It was wonderful! Let’s make more memories next year!