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Missionaries at work

Missionaries at work

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Missionaries at work

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  1. Missionaries at work By: Haley, Leah and Layne

  2. fast fun facts Enjoy Missionaries at work By Haley Whitt

  3. Fast fun facts By Haley Whitt • In 1833 an article in a new York Methodist said that north west Native Americans were seeking teachers and white men's “Book of Heaven” which we call the Bible. Which sparked interest in missionary work in Oregon country. • Missionaries Narcissa Whitman and Eliza Spalding were the first white women to cross the Blue Mountains into Oregon. • Twenty-one Spanish missions established in California during the 1700s and 1800s. • France sent missionaries along with fur traders to Canada and the northern United states.

  4. More fast fun facts 5.There was a French missionary named Jacques Marquette who traveled down the Mississippi river with Louis Joliet after that they went on a mission among Illinois. 6.Desmet was a missionary who stared a mission in the Montana territory. 7. Many new settlements were far away from the missions so they had to rely on traveling preacher called circuit riders to perform church services. By Haley Whitt

  5. Fast fun facts By Haley Whitt • The end!!! Hope you liked it By Haley whitt

  6. Missionaries

  7. The settlers came from Europe to America were mostly believers in the Christian faith. Many people felt that their faith was the only true way to know God. Some of them thought that it was their job to teach Native Americans to accept this religion. Some of them devoted their lives to this effort. They were missionaries. Before the settlers explored the far west,the French and Spanishmissionaries traveled west into the lands and the Native Americans lived. They built small settlements known as missions. Missions usually included farms and schools, and as well as churches. They also were basic skills living while they settled in. The Roman Catholic mission grew and prospered, and spread throughout California. missionaries

  8. By Leah thank you By the 1830s, several missionary organization became very interested in the Pacific Northwest. The mission Society established sites in Oregon. Just about the same time, the Presbyterian Society of Boston sent more missionaries into the southeastern Oregon to work.

  9. Narcissa and marcuswhitman BY: laynemoorman Whole Power Point BY Haley ,Leah ,and Layne

  10. The Indians • In 1831 four young men from the Nez Perce tribe traveled to St. Louis, Missouri. The wanted to learn about the white ways and religion. The asked for people to come to their home known as Oregon.

  11. The American Mission. • Word of the Native Americans coming to an American city got out. Newspapers told of their story. Church groups where beginning to raise money to send missionaries to travel west to teach them. Narcissa and Marcus Whitman were faced with the decision of becoming missionaries. They thought they where doing the right thing by trying to change the Indian ways. Now they were of to live among the Cayuse Indians. In 1836 they set out for Oregon. The traveled by wagon train with another missionary couple. It was a hard and long journey. At last, they finally arrived on the site that they had chosen. The Cayuse called the site Waiilatpu (Wy-ee-lat-poo), this means “ the place of rye grass”. The Whitmans kept the name for their mission.

  12. Life in Waiilatpu • Using their own strength and some hand tools, they built a house and some other buildings at Waiilatpu. They planted wheat, potatoes and, corn. They held church services several times a week. Marcus took care of sick people and Narcissa had a children's school. Life was very difficult for them and very lonely. Narcissa wrote a letter to her sister Jane, and brother, Edward on September 29, 1842. People then got upset with Dr. Whitman saying he only cured white children. This fight caused both Marcus and Narcissa to be killed.

  13. Pictures Marcus Whitman Narcissa Whitman Narcissa Whitman Marcus Whitman