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  4. No More

  5. What is Conflict? • A conflict is a fight, struggle, battle, dispute or quarrel. • A conflict can be as small as a disagreement or as large as a war.

  6. What is Conflict? • Conflict-you’ll find it everywhere! • Whenever two people come together, conflict is possible. It is a normal and healthy. • Different ideas create learning.

  7. The Things We Fight Over • WANT: Something we desire. • NEED: Something necessary. • VALUE: What we will pay for something. • GOAL: Something we work towards.


  9. A CONFLICT OF INTEREST IS BASED ON: Differences in wants, needs, goals and values. Shortage of money or power. Competition.

  10. Reasons Why Conflicts Are Good • Conflicts identify problems • Conflicts can make life more interesting • Conflicts allow you to see different sides • Conflicts create new ideas (solutions) • You to learn more about others • You to learn more about yourself

  11. A Conflict Has Been Helpful If: • You feel better about each other • You are happy with the results of the conflict • You have learned how to solve future problems • You feel your point of view has been heard • You have learned something about; a topic, another person and/or yourself

  12. Tips For Dealing With Conflict • Ask Questions-Communicate Want & Needs • Think about what you are hoping will happen • Become aware of different ideas • Watch your emotions • Don’t let anger increase • Commit to working it out • Stay calm • Learn from mistakes

  13. How Do You Handle Conflict? • Most of us use a variety of styles depending on the person and the situation. • How we deal with our family at home is likely different than how we deal with our friends. • What style is yours………Turtle, Teddy Bear, Shark, Fox or Owl?

  14. What Conflict Style Are You?

  15. The Turtle: Avoidance • The strength of this style is that this person can easily look past conflicts and realizes most conflicts will solve themselves. They are calm on the outside and help de-escalate emotions in conflict. • The problem with this style is that turtle people tend to deny and avoid conflict altogether. A conflict can get worse if it isn’t addressed.

  16. The Turtle: Avoidance

  17. The Teddy Bear: Accommodation • The strength of this style is how likeable and lovable this person is in most situations. How could you be mad at a teddy bear? They want and need harmony. They will accept blame just to bring peace to angry situations. • The problem is that a teddy bear may be taken advantage of. They just want to be loved by everyone.

  18. The Teddy Bear: Accommodation

  19. The Shark: Competition • The strength of this style is the ability to be strong, courageous and bring a conflict out in the open quickly. A shark is a leader that can confront bullies. • The problem is that a shark person can be too pushy and can hurt peoples’ feelings. Sharks can cause people to cry or yell.

  20. The Shark: Competition

  21. The Fox: Compromise • The strength of the fox is communication and a willingness to find compromises and agreements. Often the fox can find intelligent solutions. • However, a fox may try to deceive people by making them believe things that are not true. People may feel “outfoxed” and cheated by foxes.

  22. The Fox: Compromise

  23. The Owl: Collaboration • The strength of this style is honesty. Owls can build trust and strong relationships. They have an open mind for realistic solutions so that everyone wins. • The problem is that owls must have two willing people in order to work together. Some conflicts require quick solutions and this style may take too long.

  24. The Owl: Collaboration

  25. Successful Conflict Resolution Means Being Able To Use All Conflict Styles Depending on The Situation!