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Gang Life

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Gang Life

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  1. Gang Life By: Estrella Rivera

  2. Fights &Violence • People often first think of adults when they think of gang members never would they think of how huge of an impact it has on teenagers and in their daily life’s • Gangs are known for most of the violence since gangs live by the three R’s: Reputation, Respect, Retaliation there ego becomes a big problem. Their violence cause’s for people to get hurt physically for example • Fist fights • Murder • Shanking • Guns

  3. Drugs • Gangs usually involve females in their drugs distribution. By using female to attract to other gang members or even teenagers, and they use them to basically do all the dirty work. These females or males usually use these characteristic: • Charming • Looks • Personality • Money

  4. Names & nicknames • Young gangs use various names to represent their gang/crew. Some gang members have reference to a commonly- known gang, some of there “cliques” might have some type of connection to the gangs neighborhood. The members get nicknames that usually go with the following • Physical traits • Skill • Hobbies • Personality • Their likes

  5. Clothing and appearance • Gangs can be identified in many ways especially on the way they dress. There are common ways that you could identify gangs or members with signs • Bandanas • Tattoos • Symbols • graffiti

  6. Gang activity Teenage with their crews participate in a number of usually violent behaviors. They profit from criminal acts such as narcotic sales, robberies, auto theft. The usually posses assault weapons or deadly firearms, most members participate in: • Mayhem • Sexual assault • Property damage • Murder • vandilization

  7. School behavior • When a teen is usually involved in a gang their more likely to reduce their commitment to their studies like: • Reduce school performance • Act in delinquent behavior • Increase drug abuse • Possibly even drop out • When the gangs usually influence schools in a high possibility that their will be report of gangs and drugs. Teen who aren't in gangs usually report it and maybe get harmed

  8. Why do teenagers join gangs? • The reason teenagers usually join gangs is because the lack of the love they get from home and their family members, they also join for these reason: • Safety • Needs of money • Family tradition • Gangs become like a family they never had. • Teenagers now usually join gang’s cause of the lack of attention they get at home from their parents. They feel the need to go out and find a new family and gangs usually where they end up.