national professional qualification for senior leadership n.
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National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership PowerPoint Presentation
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National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership

National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership

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National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership

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  1. National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership Induction 2 May 2013 Denise Danielsen

  2. By the end of the session participants will: Have an overview of NPQSL Be clear of roles within Brook Alliance, SELT, LLSE & NCSL Be aware of the role of the coach Begin to develop and understanding of leadership style Consider the value of journaling Share diagnostic outcomes

  3. Personal Introductions • 2 Minutes to prepare Name Current post and how long in it Your current favourite: book or piece of music or film or play or other work of art - and why • 2 minutes to tell this to a partner • Each person to relay partner’s details to whole group

  4. Learning journey With a new partner • Take 5 minutes each to share: • Your professional journey so far • Where you think you are heading- professional goal • Your expectations of NPQSL • Anything that you think may be a barrier to your learning Put your last 2 points onto separate post-its and place on flip chart Put questions arising throughout the session in ‘Parking lot’

  5. The Learning Contract • Everyone needs to be present • Mobiles off until breaks (if you really have to!) • Reading is compulsory • Don’t accept challenge ...add your own!

  6. Diagnostic prompts What are the most significant aspects of the diagnostic feedback? Are there any differences in how I view my skills and how others view them? What does the feedback tell me about my development needs – and how does this feedback feel valid? The feedback may highlight areas to develop but what does it tell me about my strengths?

  7. Competency area: Strategic Leadership self awareness personal drive integrity resilience and emotional maturity conceptual thinking future focus impact and influence

  8. Competency area : Educational Excellence delivering continuous improvement modelling excellence in teaching learning focus serving others broad organisational understanding partnership working inspiring others

  9. Competency area: Operational Management information seeking analytical thinking relating to others holding others to account developing others