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Forms of Television Advertisement PowerPoint Presentation
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Forms of Television Advertisement

Forms of Television Advertisement

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Forms of Television Advertisement

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  1. Forms of Television Advertisement

  2. Animated advertisement is when the advert has been created based of a non-fictional setting created entirely or partly from digital methods, such as CGI or 2D and/or 3D animation. This can also be done by means of claymation or hand-drawn 30 second ads e.g. The Michelin Man – Energy Saver. The use of animation and animals that walk on two legs shows the unrealistic event taking place.

  3. Realism is when real events take place with real people. This is usually used to sell food products, toiletries/cosmetics or clothing/furniture as it shows real life aspects to everyday things.

  4. Unrealistic adverts are fictional ads that don’t use things from real life aspects or everyday life. This creates fantasy and allows the viewers to experience something other than normal this can be seen in this Cadburys advert where huge blimps and people flying around with parachutes .

  5. Documentary • Documentary style advertisement usually show how the product is made, how employees work or the quality of the product. This genre of ad makes it seem legitimate but there are always hidden strings somewhere.

  6. Talking Heads • Talking head advertisement is usually virtual eye to eye. This effect is meant to make it seem as though you are having a conversation with the spokes man. This can be seen in the Lawyers for you advert.

  7. Stand Alone A stand alone advert is a single advert that a company puts all their money and effort into without thinking about doing any other adverts or if there will be a next one. A example of this is the Hovis advert where the kid is running through the different eras

  8. Series A series advert is a series of adverts that carry on one from another off how a story develops over time, this can vary on the type of product or services a company offers. A perfect example of this is the go compare advert.