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  1. Advertisement

  2. Commercial advertisements

  3. Public service advertisements

  4. 1.Can you read the word there? PSA 2.What does it tell us? 3.What does PSA stand for? PSA: Public Service Advertisement

  5. PSA 1. Is this ad a commercial one or a PSA? 2.What about the idea of this ad? 3. Do you think it will take effect?

  6. Project Hope! (1)Who is the girl in the illustration? (2) How do you feel when you see the child in the big eyes? (3) What would you like to do for the child after seeing this advertisement? (4) Why does the advertisement say there is hope for all of us? (5) From this poster, do you know what do you think the purpose of Project Hope mean? There is hope for all of us!

  7. Read the following article quickly and answer the questions • 1.What do advertisements encourage people to do ? • 2.What does PSA stands for? • 3. What are PSAs meant to do? To buy a product or service or believe in an idea. Public Service Advertisements To educate people about health,safety or any other issue which affects public welfare.

  8. B. Read the following supporting details and listen to the tape,then decide whether they are true or false according to the article. Write T or F next to each sentence. • 1.Advertisements are found in many places. ( ) • 2.PSAs are only found in newspapers. ( ) • 3.All advertisements tell the complete truth. ( ) • 4.PSAs and commercial ads use some of the same methods. ( ) • 5.Commercial ads can often give us valuable information about how to live our lives. ( ) • 6.An ad warning people against smoking is an example of a PSA. ( ) T F F T F T

  9. Reading Strategy Expository writing usually follows the same basic format: 1. Introduction of subject 2. Supporting details 3. Conclusion

  10. C. Summarize the Differences and Similarities Between the two Types of Advertisements.Try to Fill in the Following Blanks. Billboards, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio, television. Persuasive language, exciting images To educate people about health, safety or any other issue which affects public welfare To promote a product or service They are helpful and we can learn a lot by following the advice They do not tell you the complete truth. L12~26 L28~40

  11. Guess the meaning of the following words • a. sending (children) to school • b. able to make someone believe something • c. meant or planned to do • d. killing oneself • e. help a thing or an idea become popular • f. know or realize • g. makes an ill person better or solves a problem • h. happening throughout a country • 1. persuasive(L5) • 2. promote(Ll0) • 3. intended(L11) • 4. be aware of(L16) • 5. cure(L19) • 6. nationwide(L32) • 7. schooling(L37) • 8. committing suicide(L38)

  12. Main ideas for each paragraph after discussion. Advertisements are important and popular in our daily life. • Para1 • Para2 • Para3 • Para4 We have two types of advertisements in all kinds of media. We should not believe all the advertisements. Public service ads always tell us the truth.

  13. Language points 1.advertise v. advertiser登广告者, 广告客户 advertising广告业, 广告 advertisement广告, 做广告 I advertised my car for sale. 我登广告卖车子。 advertise for sth. 登广告寻找 He advertised for a secretary/ a job. 他登广告招聘一名秘书/谋求一份工作。 advertisement company make /put an advertisement in the newspaper

  14. 2. share (n.) (vt) share the same fate 遭受同样的命运。 share sth. with sb. 与别人共用或合用某物 share happiness and sorrow 同甘共苦 He is really a friend of mine. He would _____ his last penny with me. A. cost B. lend C. support D. share

  15. 3.promote (promoted promoting) The instructor was promoted to /to be professor. 那位讲师升为教授。 The boss promoted him to the post of chief accountant. 老板提他为会计主任。 promote foreign trade 促进对外贸易 promote a new product 促进新生产 promoter 促进者, 助长者 promotion 提拔, 晋升 get/be given a promotion 获得升级 promotion worker 推销员

  16. 4. lie ---lied---lied---lying lie ---lay---lain---lying lay---laid---laid---laying 1). I found the boy______ to his mother. 2). A bridge is _______ across the river next year. 3). The boy is always telling ______ 4). I saw a wallet______ on the ground. 5). I saw a radio ______ on the table. 6). Yancheng _____ in north of Jiangsu Province. lying to be laid lies lying laid lies

  17. 5. connect 连接, 联合, 关联 connect … to\ with… 把……和……连接起来 be connected with /have sth. to do with 与------有关 A railway connects Shanghai to/ with Beijing. 一条铁路把上海和北京连接了起来。 The visit of the police was not connected with the lost child. 警察的来访与那失踪的孩子无关。

  18. 6. deal deal --- dealt ---- dealt deal with 处理,安排, 涉及, 做生意 How to deal with the waste is a big problem. The man is hard to deal with. 这人很难对付/相处。 The book deals with problems of pollution. 这本书论述了污染问题。 I’ve dealt with the store for 20 years. 我和那家店铺做买卖20年了。 deal (n.) 交易, 待遇, 分量,(口)买卖dealer 经销商, 商人 He made a deal with the man. 他和那个人交易。 a great deal of 不可数名词 大量的;许多

  19. 7. service (n. ) The service in this restaurant is always slow; the girls are very lazy. 这家饭店的服务总是很慢; 那些女侍者都很懒。 at sb.s service 听从吩咐, 由某人支配 I’m at your service at any time.  随时听候你的差遣。 serve 服务, 服役, 招待顾客(摆出饭菜) servant 仆人;佣人 We must serve the people heart and soul. 我们必须全心全意地为人民服务。 Dinner is served.  饭已经准备好了。

  20. Homework 1.Retell the passage. 2.Recite the language points. 3.Preview Word power.