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  1. Advertisement Md. Abdur Rob B PHARM, MBA, PGD in DP

  2. Market communication mix:

  3. Advertisement • Advertisement is any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, services, by an identified sponsors. • Personal Selling is preferred for pharmaceuticals, because it is so effective - but, it is expensive sometimes to contact everybody in this way • Advertising is not as direct as personal selling, but you can reach a lot of people

  4. Relationship between Advertising and the Product Life Cycle Stimulate repeat purchase More usage Brand Awareness Knowledge New feature Benefit Scope of use of existing product Create Liking Preference Conviction Comparison

  5. Developing and managing an advertisement program

  6. Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness • Communication Effect Research • Consumer feedback method • Portfolio tests • Laboratory tests • Sales-Effect Research

  7. Planning The Best Message “A I D A” A - Attention I - Interest D - Desire A - Action

  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Various Advertising Media Media Advantages Disadvantages Newspapers Flexibility Short lifespan Community prestige Hasty reading local mkt coverage Poor reproduction Reader control of exposure high believability Magazines Selectivity (geo and demo) Lack of flexibility Quality reproduction Long life Prestige associated with some magazines Extra services Television Great impact Mass Coverage Repetition High cost Flexibility High clutter Prestige Lack of selectivity

  9. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Various Advertising Media Media Advantages Disadvantages Radio Low cost Temporary nature of Practical audience message selection Little research information Mobility Outdoor Quick communication of Limited audience Advertising simple ideas No creative Repetition Ability to promote products available for sale nearby Direct Mail Selectivity High cost per person Intense coverage Dependence on quality of Speed mailing list Flexibility of format Consumer resistance Complete information Personalization

  10. Major Sales Promotion Tools Sample Trial amount of a product Coupons Savings when purchasing specified products Cash Refunds Refund of part of the purchase price Price Packs Reduced prices marked on the label or package Premiums Goods offered free or low cost as an incentive to buy a product

  11. Major Sales Promotion Tools Patronage Rewards Cash or other rewards for the use of a certain product Point-of-Purchase Displays and demonstrations that take place at the point of sale Contests Consumers submit an entry to be judged Sweepstakes Consumers submit their names for a drawing Game Presents consumers with something every time they buy

  12. Steps in Effective Selling Prospecting/Qualifying Preapproach Approach Presentation Overcoming objections Closing Follow-up

  13. Thank You