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  1. THE AMERICAN LEGION Children and Youth Conference Indianapolis, Indiana September 22, 2007

  2. Why are Resolutions Important? All policies, positions and actions of The American Legion are driven by the passage of resolutions, which control such policies, positions and actions in a very direct way.

  3. Why Use The ResolutionProcess? “Without the resolution process, our organization would not have guidance in developing programs, allocating funds to help veterans or targeting Congress with issues that affect you, me and the rest of this great country of ours.” - PNC Ray G. Smith

  4. Originators of Resolutions Legionnaire submits to Post Post submits to District, County or Department Department submits to National

  5. Departments are Very Important Posts turn to Departments for advice. Departments are required by National to certify authenticity of Post resolution. Departments generate original Resolutions.

  6. Post as Originator • Is the subject matter of only a local concern to the Post? Should the Department deal with it at a Department Executive Committee Meeting or at the next Department Convention? • Wider implication affecting other Posts? • Is there a National implication?

  7. Department as Originator All resolutions must be certified by the Department Adjutant that they were considered and approved at either the Department Convention or the Department Executive Committee. The Department may determine that an issue is very important and needs to be addressed at the National level.

  8. National Executive CommitteeorNational Convention Both the National Executive Committee and the National Convention have the same authority to consider the same subject matters and pass resolutions. Either body can act on most of the resolutions - with limited exceptions

  9. National Executive CommitteeorNational Convention Financial: National Convention can only set the dues. The NEC can only allocate the spending of the monies Exceptions Are: Eligibility Rules: Only the National Convention delegates can make a change in eligibility criteria.

  10. Factors To Consider • Before writing a resolution, does the subject matter meet certain criterion?

  11. Germaneness or Relevancy of Subject Matter • Has The American Legion already a current position on the subject? Is the subject matter germane to the mandates as outlined in the Preamble? • Can the subject matter be addressed administratively without the need of a resolution?

  12. Germaneness or Relevancy of Subject Matter • Is it reasonable that the intent of the Resolution can be realistically attained? Does the Resolution involve a local issue only? • Is the Resolution politically sensitive?

  13. Germaneness or Relevancy of Subject Matter • Should The American Legion be involved? Is the Resolution written in proper format? • Does the Resolution impute the character of a person, business, or organization ?

  14. Simple or Complex? Each Resolution should cover one subject. Do not combine different objectives into one Resolution. “Increased Funding for the Children’s Miracle Network” “Adopt promotional video from local CMN hospital” Submit two separate Resolutions.

  15. To Send or Not to Send Sometimes it is simply a judgement call by the Department Adjutant whether or not to send a Resolution to National Headquarters. How to learn what is current? Check the latest digests of the National Convention or the National Executive Committee, obtained from the Library, or at the Legion’s website.

  16. Deadlines TIMELINESS is an issue for all resolutions sent to National Headquarters. NEC Resolutions: Adequate time is needed for Committees and Commissions to study and make recommendations to the NEC, no actual deadline, but resolutions can be held for study until the next NEC.

  17. Deadlines is an issue for all resolutions sent to National Headquarters. TIMELINESS National Convention Resolutions: Must be received by National Headquarters 14 days before the start of the Convention.

  18. Deadlines Constitutional Amendment Resolutions: These affect a change to The American Legion constitution and must be received by National Headquarters no later than 20 days before the start of the National Convention.

  19. Format Electronic: National Headquarters will accept resolutions in electronic form; will the post or department? Paper: Always check with the authority to which you will be sending the resolution concerning any preprinted blank forms.

  20. Drafting the Resolution One or more clauses, each being a statement of fact logically related to the intent of the resolution. Preamble (the ‘Whereas’ clause) Resolve Clause Defines the solution, policy or action in very clear and concise terms.

  21. Drafting the Resolution Resolve Clause Should be drafted first • Identifies resolving Authority • Circumstances and place of action • Date of action • Provides the resolution with a clear and unmistakable intent • Final clause ends with only period in resolution.

  22. Drafting the Resolution Resolve Clause “RESOLVED, By The American Legion in National Convention assembled in Reno, Nevada, August 28, 29, 30, 2007 That ……..”

  23. Drafting the Resolution The word “That” immediately following the resolving clause introduces the statement of intent. “That…”

  24. Additional Resolve Clauses It may be necessary for a number of actions to take place in order to complete the intent of a resolution. Each action should be written into the resolution with its own clause. Therefore, additional resolve clauses may be necessary.

  25. Additional Resolve Clauses “RESOLVED, By The American Legion in National Convention assembled in Reno, Nevada, August 28, 29, 30, 2007 That the Country of Iraq (etc); and, be it further Resolved, That (etc); and, be it finally Resolved, That (etc).

  26. Resolution Preamble The Preamble of a resolution is made up of one or more clauses, each beginning with “WHEREAS”. Two or more of these clauses are joined together by a semicolon followed by “and”. Final paragraph ends with a semicolon (;) followed by “now, therefore, be it”.

  27. Sample Resolution “WHEREAS, The American Legion has kept faith with the American people and the membership of the 140 organizations of The Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc. in its decade-long struggle to restore legal protection of the Flag of The United States; and

  28. Sample Resolution WHEREAS, On June 24, 1999, the United States House of Representatives approved House Joint Resolution No. 33, a flag protection constitutional amendment; and WHEREAS, Fifty state legislatures have asked Congress to propose such an amendment; and

  29. Sample Resolution WHEREAS, All that is necessary for the amendment to go to the states for ratification is a favorable vote by the United States Senate during the 107th Congress; and

  30. Sample Resolution WHEREAS, The American Legion intends to hold to its commitment and keep that faith with the majority of Americans who know that legal protection for the nation’s banner is the right thing to do; now, therefore, be it

  31. Sample Resolution RESOLVED, By The American Legion in National Convention assembled in Reno, Nevada, August 28, 29, 30, That The American Legion reaffirm the decade-long mandate of its membership, its commitment to the Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc.,

  32. Sample Resolution And its responsibility to those who died defending the Flag of the United States to secure for the flag, through an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, protection from acts of physical desecration; and, be it further

  33. Sample Resolution RESOLVED, That The American Legion shall not abandon this objective of constitutional protection for the Flag of the United States before the matter has, as part of the ratification process, been presented for deliberation and disposition by the legislatures of the fifty states.

  34. Remember to: • Proofread for grammar and spelling • Have people not involved with writing resolution read it for understanding • Type or use computer • Indicate who or what post/committee is sending the resolution • Keep copies for own records • Keep track of status at Department or National levels