a slippery mess n.
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A Slippery Mess PowerPoint Presentation
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A Slippery Mess

A Slippery Mess

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A Slippery Mess

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  1. A Slippery Mess By : Brandon Wolfe

  2. How it happened There were two reasons why the B.P oil spill happened, here they are. 1. The laziness of the workers were a big reason the spill happened. If they had batter technology they might of been able to stop this 2. The irresponsibleness of the company is another reason why this happened “ BP has a history of blasts and oil spills” says the NYT. “BP continues to lag other oil companies when it comes to safety” says the federal officials and industry analysts.

  3. Stopping the flow There were many things workers used to try to stop the oil from leaking. Here are some of them • JUNK SHOT. The idea of the junk shot was to try to clog the leak with trash! They would put trash in the leak then cover it with cement. • TOP HAT. The top hat was a dome that the workers would use to cover the leaks and with pipes bring the oil to the top.

  4. Clean up • People have made items to help clean up the oil. One of these items are tablet like things that you put in an area and it soaks up the oil in that area this is called the BIOSOK.

  5. Impacts • The main effect of the oil spill was towards mainly birds and fish. There is also an impact on humans, because they will not be able to make money if they work in the fish market because most of the fish are dead. The fish die because they are poisoned by the oil in the water. The birds die because they have no fish to eat and they get stuck in the water.

  6. The A.O.I • This relates to the A.O.I because it effected the health of most of the water life in that area. It also effected some people’s heath, because people in that area did not have as much fish to eat. Also the 11 people that died on the platform when the explosion happened.

  7. Fun facts • 1. There was a monstrous amount of oil spilled, 2,100,000 gallons! A normal oil tanker holds 9,000 gallons! • 2. The oil could lead to a more powerful hurricane because oil collecting at the surface could be raising the temperature of the surrounding water. • 3. Gambling websites are now placing bets on what species will be first to become extinct as a result of the oil leaking from BP’s broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. • 4. shrimpers say it will be seven years before they can go fishing again.