drugs and alcohol and religious attitudes n.
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Drugs and Alcohol and Religious Attitudes PowerPoint Presentation
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Drugs and Alcohol and Religious Attitudes

Drugs and Alcohol and Religious Attitudes

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Drugs and Alcohol and Religious Attitudes

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  1. Drugs and Alcohol and Religious Attitudes What do you know about the laws on drugs, alcohol and tabacco?

  2. Big Picture • To understand the law and religious attitudes to drugs and alcohol • Talk • Mind Map • Research – exam question

  3. Outcomes • All to understand two laws on alcohol, drugs and tabacco • All to know two social and health problems caused by drugs and alcohol • Most to understand the christian attitude to drugs and alcohol • Few to complete an 8 mark question to 6 out of 8marks on one other religions attiude to drugs and alcohol.

  4. Law on Drugs and Alcohol Law on Alcohol • Illegal to give an alcoholic drink to anyone under the 5years old • Under 16s can only go into a pub if with an adult but cannot consume any alcohol • Against the law for anyone under 18 to buy alcohol ir consume it. • Some towns have laws banning drinking alcohol in a public Laws on illegal drugs (in process of reform) Different class drugs A, B, C, all are classed as controlled substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971; To possess substance unlawfully To possess with intent to supply or offer To allow premises to be used to manage drug taking Law on Tabacco • Illegal to sell tabacco to anoyone under the age of 18 • All products must have health warnings • All adverts are banned • Against the law to smoke in a public place

  5. In book • Come up with two reasons why you think these laws are fair • Come up with two reasons why you think these laws are unfair

  6. Social and Health Problems caused by drugs and alcohol? • Create a mind map in pairs • Health and Social problems • Alcohol, Drugs, Tabacco need three problems for each

  7. Religious Attitudes – Christian • All Christians are against illegal drug usage; • Against the law • Body is a temple • Mental effects means cannot worship God properly • Christian Churches teach use is wrong

  8. Religious Attitudes – Christian • Differing attitudes to tobacco and alcohol; 1st Attitude – approach it in moderation • Jesus drank wine during his life and even at his death • Jesus used bread and wine at the last supper • Most Churches have alcoholic wine in their communion services • Moderation is a teaching od the Catechism 2nd Attitude – Abstinance (Salvation Army) • Abusing God’s temple • Passages in the Bible warn against drunkeness • Passages in the Bible warns that drinking causes violence • Social and health problems linked with tobacco and alcohol – Christians believe in a healthy life NOW COMPLETE ONE OTHER RELIGIONS ATTITUDE

  9. True or False? • Is is legal to consume alcohol if you are under 18 in a public place? • Cocaine is a class C substance? • 500000 deaths were caused in the UK in 2004 due to tabacco? • Use of illegal drugs is falling in the UK? • Ketamine is not classed as an illegal substance? • Sheesha pipe is not classed as smoking?