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Frogs Vocabulary and Amazing Words

Frogs Vocabulary and Amazing Words. Second Grade Reading. pond wonderful powerful insects crawls. skin shed spawn bulges vegetarians. Vocabulary Words. pond. A small body of water. wonderful. Causing wonder or amazement. powerful. Having power or great strength. insects.

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Frogs Vocabulary and Amazing Words

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  1. FrogsVocabulary and Amazing Words Second Grade Reading

  2. pond wonderful powerful insects crawls skin shed spawn bulges vegetarians Vocabulary Words

  3. pond • A small body of water.

  4. wonderful • Causing wonder or amazement.

  5. powerful • Having power or great strength.

  6. insects • Animals with six legs and three body parts.

  7. crawls • Moves slowly on hands and knees.

  8. skin • Outer covering of the body.

  9. shed • To drop or lose.

  10. spawn • To lay eggs.

  11. bulges • Curves outward.

  12. vegetarian • Living things that ear only food from plants.

  13. appearance stage transform restless pursue canopy forage forepaw Amazing Words

  14. appearance • The way a person, an animal, or a thing looks.

  15. stage • A step or time in a person’s or animal’s life.

  16. transform • To change something.

  17. restless • Not able to be still; wanting a change.

  18. pursue • To follow or chase something.

  19. canopy • A covering above something else.

  20. forage • To go from place to place looking for something, usually food.

  21. forepaw • One of the front feet of an animal with four paws.

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