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Over The Last Three Years…

Over The Last Three Years…. The Real Estate Market Has Been How Should I Put It... Less Robust Than It Has Been In Years Prior!. So Just Like You…. We’ve Had To Use All Of The Marketing “Tools” Available To Us, To Ensure That We Kept Our Sales And Profits Up!. But The Tools We Used….

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Over The Last Three Years…

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  1. Over The Last Three Years… The Real Estate Market Has Been How Should I Put It... Less Robust Than It Has Been In Years Prior!

  2. So Just Like You… We’ve Had To Use All Of The Marketing “Tools” Available To Us, To Ensure That We Kept Our Sales And Profits Up!

  3. But The Tools We Used… We’re Tools That All Home Inspectors Had Access To. While These Marketing Tools Were Effective, They Weren’t Really Anything Special!

  4. And Then Something Happened Something I Refer To As A… “Game Changer!”

  5. Because Every Once In A While… Something Really Special Drops In A Marketers Lap That Actually… Changes Everything!

  6. Today’s Game Changer Is…

  7. My Video Talk Is… A Suite Of Five “Video Tools” That You Can Use To Grow Your Home Inspection Business!

  8. Ok, Are You Thinking… How The Heck Can I Grow My Home Inspection Business Using The Tools From ‘My Video Talk?’

  9. Stay With Me For A Few More Minutes… And I’ll Share With You Exactly How You Can Use These Video Tools To Book More Home Inspections!

  10. Product One Is Video Email

  11. With Video Email… You Can Use A Webcam To Create A Video Or You Can Upload An Existing Video. You Can Send Broadcast Emails Or Individual Emails.

  12. Uses For Video Email… • Thank You notes to real estate agents, mortgage brokers and clients. • Birthday videos to everyone you know (business and personal). • Product and Service announcements.

  13. Uses For Video Email… • Announce monthly specials you are running. • Invite referral sources and prior clients to join you on your social network sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Your Blog). • Top producer marketing.

  14. Uses For Video Email… • New agent marketing. • New mortgage broker marketing. • Invite people on your list to join you for live events. • Listing agent marketing. • Congratulation video emails.

  15. Product Two Is… Your Own Video Channel

  16. Your Own Video Channel… • Think of this as your own private YouTube Channel to… • Establish expertise • Start building that know me, like me, trust me relationship with prospects and referral sources.

  17. Use Your Video Channel To… • Use it as a lead generator by adding an opt-in form for a "home inspection checklist" or other free offer. • Get the page indexed into the search engines for your keywords to get more exposure and sales.

  18. Check Out SHIS’s Page

  19. Check Out HIMC’s Page…

  20. Product Three Is…Your Own Video Broadcaster

  21. Your Video Broadcaster… Think of this as a “Go To Webinar” type product where you can show PowerPoint Presentations or Video. Bonus: You can have up to two people on the video feed at once.

  22. Use Your Video Broadcaster To… • Present all types a information to real estate agents. Think of it as a ‘virtual’ lunch and learn. • You could present online CE classes for realtors.

  23. Use Your Video Broadcaster To… Bring on guests that can provide information to a variety of sub-groups in your target audience. For example, bring on an expert about energy savings and let him/her share valuable tips about how to make small changes in your home that will cut energy costs.

  24. Use Your Video Broadcaster To… • Bring on your home inspection company’s "Partner Vendor" Contractors to talk about their products and services. • Introduce new products and service offerings to your target audience.

  25. Product Four Is..Your Very Own Video Web Show

  26. Think Of Your Web Show As… Your own live TV show. Use the system to... • Do ‘virtual’ sales meetings. • Do product or service demonstrations. • Broadcast live from a charity event.

  27. Use Your Web Show To… • Showcase your Partner Vendors work on site. • Interview agents at their listings. • Interview mortgage brokers about their current products. • Interview builders about the new homes they are building and the new materials they are using.

  28. Finally Product Five Is… My Video Boardroom

  29. My Video Boardroom

  30. Use Your Video Boardroom To… • Hold A Committee Meeting With Real Estate Agents. • Collaborate With Others About A First Time Home Buyers Seminar. • Meet With Your Partner Vendors To Map Out Your Referral Strategies. • Multi-Inspector Firms Can Meet With Their Staff.

  31. Here’s The Bottom Line… These Tools Will Help You Sell Inspections! And I Know That You’ll Want To Use These Tools To Grow Your Home Inspection Business… Because You’ve Seen What’s Possible By Using Them!

  32. Ok, Before We Go Any Further You Have Two Options… Option One: You Become A Retail Customer Of MVT! You See The Value In Using These Video Tools To Grow Your Home Inspection Business And You Want To Get Started Using Them Right Away.

  33. Here Are The Retail Products… Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Retail Products That My Video Talk Is Offering!

  34. Here’s Your Basic Setup

  35. The Deluxe Plan…

  36. As You Can See… Even The Deluxe Package At $44.95 Is Within Reach For All Home Inspectors! But Guess What… You Should Really Just Grab The $14.95 A Month Package, Then Upgrade To The Other Tools When You’re Ready For Them!

  37. So Option One… Is To Become A Retail Customer Of My Video Talk! Note: You Can’t Go To My Video Talk Direct, You Have To Come Through A Representative, Like Me.

  38. Become A MVT Customer… To Get Started, Right Now, As A Retail Customer, So You Can Use These Business Building Tools We Talked About… Just Send Me An Email At xxx@xxxxx.com And Ask For The Customer Link!

  39. Ok, Earlier… I Shared With You There Were Two Options To Choose From… So Let’s Check Out Option Two!

  40. Option 2 If You’re Like Me And You Love To Earn Additional Streams Of Income, Then You Need To Stay With Us, So I Can Share Those Details With You!

  41. Before We Look At Option Two… Think About This… If You See The Value Of These Video Tools In Helping You Grow Your Business… Don’t You Think Other Business Owners, Of All Types, Will Want To Use These Tools To Help Them Grow Their Business As Well?

  42. The Answer Is… Of Course They Will! Business Owners All Over America Are Going To Buy These Video Tools To Help Them Grow Their Business…

  43. That Brings Us To Option Two… The Second Option Is To Use These Powerful Video Tools To Grow Your Own Business, AND Show Others How To Get Signed Up As A My Talk Video Customer And/Or Representative, And Earn Money From Your Efforts!

  44. Are You Thinking… Why Should I Be A My Video Talk Representative? Here’s Why… • To Gain Access To All Of The Business Building Tools Offered By My Video Talk. • To Earn Another Stream Of Income By Sharing These ‘Business Building’ Tools With Other Business Owners.

  45. When You Become A MVT Rep… • You Can Provide The Video Product Packages To Other Business Owners And Earn Monthly Reoccurring Commissions, Plus… • You Can Get Others Signed Up In The Business, Show Them How To Do What You’re Doing And Earn From Their Efforts!

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