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St. Louis

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St. Louis

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  1. St. Louis startedfromthetop

  2. History Of St. Louis Jazz • Influenced by the immigration of Germans, and people from the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans. • Heavy drums and bass of German music and quick upbeat music from the other areas combined to form Ragtime. • Some were solely piano leads, forming the new style called ragtime piano. • Such songs include The Entertainer.

  3. History of St. Louis Jazz (cont.) • Blues Musicians travelled up the Mississippi to St. Louis. • Mixed with Ragtime to form the St. Louis Blues • It was one of the cities during the creation of jazz. It blended with the genres of jazz from New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta and Chicago Jazz.

  4. Who inspired St. Louis Jazz? Not only did St. Louis inspire many, but many inspired St. Louis as a whole as well. For example, during this time period, there were many German immigrants in St. Louis. German culture and German music had affected St. Louis and its music. To clarify, German music is heavily based off drums and bass, which are the two primary instruments in St. Louis jazz. Additionally, St. Louis is one of the most important cities in the history of the creation of jazz. It blended the various types of jazz into St. Louis which include New Orleans jazz, the Mississippi Delta jazz and Chicago jazz. It was a component of blues, ragtime and gospel which made this type of jazz very unique.

  5. Famous Musicians Miles Davis Miles Davis is probably the most famous Jazz artists from St. Louis/ He changed the course of Jazz over 5 times in the 20th century. Miles Davis was known as cool Jazz Miles, modal jazz miles, hard jazz Miles and more. After his high school graduation he left East St. Louis to start his career. He took part in several groups. He played in quintets and sextets and more. Miles Davis not only played jazz but was known for his bebop as well. Clark Terry Clark Terry’s career in jazz lasted for over seventy years. He started as a player at local clubs, before becoming a bandsman in the navy in World War II. Afterwards, he began to gain fame, racking up over 250 awards. Clark Terry is a trumpeter, educator, composer, writer, and a trumpet/flugelhorn designer. Clark Terry has played with numerous other musicians, including Duke Ellington and Quincy Jones. Additionally, he has performed for eight U.S. Presidents, and was a Jazz Ambassador for the State Department. He won a grammy in 2010 and has written over 200 hundred songs. He has also co authored several books, along with writing his autobiography.

  6. Famous St. Louis Songs Famous Miles Davis Songs One of Miles Davis’s most famous albums include “Kind of Blue” released in 1959. It is considered by many critics to be the “best jazz album ever made” along with other similar claims. “Kind of blue” is the best selling album of it’s genre to this day, and has influenced many other artists, even some outside of the jazz genre. It’s first track, “So What” is considered by many to be an excellent example of “Modal Jazz”, which uses modes instead of a progression of chords Famous Clark Terry Songs Clark Terry played a significant role in the song, Song of the Islands, as the only brass player. Accompanied by other musical giants, including Count Basie, Clark Terry shined, and through the combination of saxophone, clarinet, and a cocktail of instruments, created a musical melody.