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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. Capital - San Juan Population - 3.5 million Area - 3,515 square miles Ethnic Groups - Mestizo, African, Caucasian, indigenous. Religion - Roman Catholic, Protestant Government - Democracy (commonwealth of the United States) Currency - U.S. dollar

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Puerto Rico

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  1. Puerto Rico • Capital- San Juan • Population- 3.5 million • Area- 3,515 square miles • Ethnic Groups- Mestizo, African, Caucasian, indigenous. • Religion- Roman Catholic, Protestant • Government- Democracy (commonwealth of the United States) • Currency- U.S. dollar • Exports- Manufactured goods, oil and oil products, silver, coffee, cotton

  2. Bolivia • Capital- La Paz, Sucre • Population- 8.3 million • Area-424,164 square miles • Ethnic Groups- Quechua, Aymara, Mestizo, Caucasian • Religion- Roman Catholic, Protestant • Government – Republic • Currency- boliviano • Exports- Soy, Natural Gas, Zinc, Wood, Gold

  3. Paraguay • Capital- Asuncion • Population- 5.7 million • Area- 157,047 square miles • Ethnic Groups- Mestizo, Caucasian • Religions- Roman Catholic, Protestant • Government- Constitutional Republic • Currency-Guarani • Exports- Sugar, Meat, Tapioca, hydroelectricity

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