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World War II

World War II. Hgg # j By Ciara and Grace. World War II.

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World War II

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  1. World War II Hgg #jByCiara and Grace

  2. World War II • The countries of Europe spent most of the 1930’s building towards war. In 1939 the German army invaded their neighbouring country, Poland. Germany was led at the time by the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler. That was the event that led to World War II. The war soon spread among the rest of Europe.

  3. Adolf Hitler • Adolf Hitler was the cause of World War II. Adolf Hitler was born in Germany on the date of the 20th of April 1889. He invaded Poland in 1939. He then went on to invade other countries.

  4. Anne Frank

  5. Anne Frank • Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who kept a diary for two years during World War II, while she hid with her family from the Nazis. They hid in a house behind a bookcase. Her and her family shared the hideout with another Jewish family. • Anne did not survive the war. Anne her mother and her sister’s died at a concentration camp. They died from Typhoid. Anne’s father survived this traumatic time.

  6. The Beginning • On the first of September, Germany invaded Poland. As world war II began, Poland the first country of experience the German military’ s blitzkrieg ,or lightning war.

  7. THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN • Hitler next wanted to invade Britain. He first attacked the British Air Force in order to control the skies over Britain. Starting in June 1940, the German Luftwaffe began bombing airfields and other targets. British fighter pilots attacked the German bombers and fighters. By the end Germany had lost about 1,700 planes to Britain’s 900. Resulting in Britain winning.

  8. Germany Invade The Soviet Union. • After conquering the countries on Germany’s borders, Hitler decided to invade the soviet union. The attack began on the 22 June 1941. Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania also declared war on the soviet union. Britain and the U. S. Promised to aid the soviet union. By December the central group of the German army was in the suburbs of Moscow. The Germans were stopped from further advances by the bitterly cold winter. Hitler decided to attack the city Stalingrad but it failed.

  9. Germany attack Stalingrad. • Stalingrad was the single greatest battle in world war II. The soviets defended the city stubbornly. When winter began they counterattacked, surrounding the Germans and their Romanian allies. The surrounded troops surrendered at the end of January 1943. Germany’s defeat at Stalingrad was the turning point in its war with he soviet union.

  10. Beginning of the war in the Pacific. • When war broke in Europe in 1939 Japan saw an opportunity to gain more territory in the Pacific region. When Japan began to occupy some of these territories, the United states protested. On the morning of 7 December Japanese warplanes attacked the U.S. Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. Their bombs and torpedoes damaged six American ships.

  11. D-Day • D-Day took place on 6th of June 1944. The operation was the invasion of Germany held by France by British Canadian troops. The Germans had been expecting an Allied invasion of northern France. However, it was not clear where it would come.

  12. D-Day In the days that followed, more and more Germans reached Normandy to fight the invasion. Despite this, the Allies managed to link up all their beaches. By the time the Allies started a new attack, Operation Cobra, in July 1944, the German soldiers were exhausted and beginning to retreat. Some 200,000 Germans were surrounded and captured.

  13. The German’s Retreat • After Germany invaded Russia the Winter started to set in, causing Germany’s war tank’s to freeze. That left them with no choice but to retreat. This Winter weather was getting in the way of Adolf Hitler’s plan’s.

  14. The German’s surrender • In 1945 the German’s were invaded by the America and Russia. The German’s had no more weapons and people started to die. Eventually Adolf Hitler and his troop the Nazis had to surrender ending World War II. It also ended Adolf Hitler’s victory.

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