two countries one nation n.
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Two countries one nation. PowerPoint Presentation
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Two countries one nation.

Two countries one nation.

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Two countries one nation.

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  1. Two countries one nation.

  2. This is a good post as I feel the relationship Pakistani's have with Turkey (and vice versa) is a very strong one.  I feel our bond with Turkey is a special one that cannot easily be defined.  It transcends modern religious, political or ideological explanations as have been attempted here.  it comes from our hearts and souls.During the Earthquake in Pakistan several years back, the Turkish government and more importantly the people of Turkey offered considerable aid, assistance, support and love to the people of Pakistan.  They are truly a blessed people.  God bless Turkey and its people and I hope our friendship with them only gets stronger and stronger. P.S.  Pakistan is a multicultural nation that is made up of diverse people. Pakistani's don't have any plans, designs or for that matter anything in common with North western India, apart from maybe the last river of the Panjabi region.  Our only struggle is to liberate our brothers and sisters in Kashmir who are currently under Indian occupation and subject to horrendous atrocities, crimes, rapes and torture

  3. They need to be allowed to return to their motherland and with their kinsmen in Pakistan with whom they share geography, culture, language, religion and history with as they are not indian, never were and will never be Indian despite attempts to make them so.  The were never supposed to be part of that country. We can count on the support of genuine humanitarists, human rights activists, people who believe in justice/principals and our allies and friends around the world such as Turkey who continue to help us in our struggle to liberate and free the Kashmiri's from Indian subjugation.  60 years of brute force have only re-inforced this notion and strenghtened our resolve.

  4. Also, I just wanted to add, Turkey's system of government is a role model for many other middle eastern countries and countries such as Pakistan has much to learn from them.  I have been to Turkey on numerous occasions and refuse to accept this stereotype that they are somehow ''un-Islamic''.  Turkey much like Pakistan has its fair share of Orthodox Muslims, secular Muslims and Urban youths just as would be found on the streets of Karachi or Lahore.  The fact that they are more open and honest about it is something to appreciate.  Also, much like Pakistan, Turkey is also multi-ethnic and multi-religious in that there are many minorities with many sub-denominations freely practising their religious obligations. 

  5. In Karachi, Pakistan, technically its no different for you'll see people essentially doing and dressing as they pleased (be it jeans, shalwar-qameez, t-shirts or orthodox outfits), despite all the pressures to control them by certain religious fanatics, people still want to comfortable and free to dress as they please, the way it should be. 

  6. So differences are not so great.  Pakistan itself was established by a secular Muslim who didnt want a theocratic state but a secular one much on the lines of Turkey, but governments, religious parties (who mind you, put many obstacles in the way to achieving Pakistan) and military dictators that followed the Great Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan, did much to distort his dream and we can see the consequences of those decisions.  Despite all of this, the relationship between the two countries continues to flourish... Turkey and Pakistan are not just close friends, they are Family :) two countries one nation