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Snowy owl group 1

Snowy owl group 1

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Snowy owl group 1

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  1. Snowy owl group 1

  2. Snowy Owl Size In winter they are camouflaged in the snow. The female is darker than the male, their white feathers have brown marks. Adult males are almost pure white in colour.

  3. Snowy Owl Face • They have nostrils to breathe • The eye color is yellow • The owl’s eyes are large, they can see well in the dark and see small prey.

  4. Snowy Owl Ears • Large eyes are surrounded by disks of stiff feathers. This reflects sound waves to their ear openings. • Their excellent hearing allows them to hear prey in the dark. • Their ears are from the top of the skull to the top eyes. Even though you can’t see any ears on the owl’s head it does have them. • The ears are small and one is higher than the other. This helps them hear better when a mouse steps on a twig. • Yes they have ear tuffs but they are smaller, barely noticeable.

  5. Snowy Owl Hunting -The Mother stays at the nest and the father hunts for food. • They hunt at dusk and dawn but the snowy owl will sometimes hunt in the day light. -They use a wait style when hunting -Snowy owls mostly eat at night after they hunt. -Their talons help the owl to keep a strong grip on the squirming prey.

  6. What do Snowy Owl’s Eat? -Snowy Owl’s do not eat their babies and mate if their really hungry -Snowy owl mostly eat fish, insects, lemmings, voles, rabbits, waterfowl, birds, and Ground Squirrels -They usually eat about 1600 lemming in a year.

  7. How do they eat? -It has strong stomach juices which dissolves the edible parts of food. The undigested parts (fur, claws, beaks, bones, etc) are formed into a pellet.

  8. Pellets -About 8 hours after eating they will cough up a dry pellet. -Inside a pellet are bones, teeth, and fur.

  9. Where Snowy Owls Live Northern Canada, northern USA . It depends on the lemming population. Move to the arctic during breeding season in February. Aortic tundra or open grass lands and fields. Owls live all over the world in the tundra, forests, grass lands and deserts. From tree line to northern limited of Canada prefer high rolling tundra with tall points of land..

  10. Snowy Owls Nest They nest on the ground , in an area with good visibility and close to hunting areas . They may use an abandoned eagle’s nest

  11. Snowy owls eggs Baby snowy owls cant lay eggs. The female snowy owl can lay up to10 eggs in a year but sometimes if they are not enough lemmings the snowy owl will not breed at all. Snowy owls lay pure white eggs in spring time. The eggs hatch one by one over the time of a month. The egg tooth falls off shortly after the baby gets out of the egg.

  12. Snowy owl food • The mom and dad brings there first meal to the baby owl. The baby snowy owl eats the food that their parents bring them.

  13. Snowy owls parents • In eight weeks the baby owl are ready to fly off and search for food on their own. Snowy owl parents are very protective of their young baby owls. Both parents teach the young baby owls to hunt. The male hunts for the female. The mom rips up the prey to feed to the young.

  14. Snowy owls babies • They have fluffy white down feathers. They quickly grow a dark gray coat of down. When they are 10 days old they are almost black. Snowy owl young are covered with fluffy white down the look like a cuddly panda. The young are not asleep when they are born. They aren't asleep but their eyes are shut. They can fly in eight weeks.

  15. Group members • Faith:Diet • Kassandra:Diet • Jada:Habitat • Mercedes:Apperance • Jessica:Young

  16. Sources of Information Owls Author Adrienne Mason