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Create Your Own Animal

Create Your Own Animal. Name: S ophie F loyd. The T ropical Rainforest.

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Create Your Own Animal

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  1. Create Your Own Animal Name: Sophie Floyd

  2. The Tropical Rainforest • The tropical rain forest has 4 layers, the Emergent layer, canopy, understory, and the forest floor. It is covered with many large trees and is teeming with life. Some animals that live there are the bearded pig, common tree shrew, and the howling monkey. Some plants are the liana, drip tips, and bromeliads. • To survive you need to be able to camouflage yourself so that you don’t get eaten by predators and /or be able to withstand heat and rain

  3. The tapirbara

  4. Evidence • The tapirbara is a mix of a capybara and a tapir. It has the head and feet of the capybara and the body and legs of a tapir. The capybara’s webbed feet help it swim and the tapir’s legs help it run fast to get away from predators. Their diet consists of roots (aquatic), plants(aquatic), grasses, and fruit

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