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Create your own future

Create your own future. Welcome to the BeautiControl Family. Let’s get started! Let’s start with ….Why? Always know your Why… Do you have a teachable spirit? Check and re-check your Attitude Have a Don’t Quit Mentality. Is your family, your spouse onboard?. Let’s get started!.

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Create your own future

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  1. Create your own future

  2. Welcome to the BeautiControl Family • Let’s get started! • Let’s start with ….Why? • Always know your Why… • Do you have a teachable spirit? • Check and re-check your Attitude • Have a Don’t Quit Mentality. • Is your family, your spouse onboard?

  3. Let’s get started! • Spa is the most important thing we do! • Start with your FRANC LIST. • Treat your spa business like a job. When you learn a new job you have to dedicate your first 3 months ( the probationary period) to learning. • It takes a while to become a master of the spa party, booking and recruiting. • Don’t expect things to happen overnight. This is not a get rich quick. This is a build and stay. • Success is a journey, filled with failure, learning and growth.

  4. Let’s Get Started! • On the flip side of that: owning your own business is the most profitable thing you will ever do.. It means financial freedom and flexibility. . Tonight I am just going to teach you the basics.

  5. Let’s Get Started! • Have you gone on your Beautinet? • www.cindysmithunit.com • Have you gone to EmpowerU? • Beautinet is where you order, learn about new product, look at sales totals, sign on new recruits. Become familiar with your Beautinet. Set up to take credit cards on Propay. Have you set up your website from BC. Free for 30 days; $12 a month

  6. Propay Credit Cards • On beautinet, go to Business Page, and Beauti Business Benefits. • Go to Propay and set yourself up. • You cannot be successful with taking debit and credit cards. • Enter in CC number on Propay, go back in and money is in your Propay Account.

  7. Getting off to a great start! • Our policy is for you to have 3 spas booked in the next 20-30 days. And your first one can be a GO SPA! ( YOUR GRAND OPENING SPA). Then go to BeautiU with 3 guests • Placing your spas online. Important! • Go to Business Page– and Business Calendar. Create a new event. • All you need is Event Name, Date & Time and Save.

  8. Spa Rewards Program • You have a goal of selling and ordering $750 in your first 30, 60 and 90 days. • This will get you FREE product packages! • And recruit (QF) and get another package • You can earn up to 6 packages FREE!

  9. The Perfect Spa Pack • The Perfect Spa Pack • is what you need to complete your spa. • Go to my website under Recruiting. • You will be able to get that – your goal is to have your GO SPA – and have a $500 order to get that FREE!

  10. Keep your Spas Simple! • It is important to see a spa – so you can see how simple this is. • Don’t be afraid to say you are new. • You need lots of people to practice on. • Ask for help, and work your FRANC list. • Attend all UNIT MEETINGS, and BC EVENTS!

  11. Set your Goals! • Have your GO SPA • You will invite 10-12; and you will invite girly girls who love product and love to be pampered! You need bookings and you need sales! You will need to send 10-15 invites to get 8. Think of 3 girls right now– who want to make money and trust you –to join you!

  12. Your Calendar is your Best Friend! • Your calendar will tell me if your making money or not. • Decide when you want to work. Block out those days for your spa business. • Tues and Saturday from 3:00pm – 6:30pm. • You DON’T WORK ALL THE TIME • THAT MAKES YOU LOOK DESPARATE. • YOU ARE NOT DESPARATE. YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL SERVICE AND PRODUCT THAT WOMEN LOVE AND WANT

  13. What do I say? • Hello____ you know I have been thinking about getting a part time job. So I decided to try something different. I am doing Pampering Spas for April and May . And I need your help…. Now I am not asking you to buy anything or sell anything. What I need for you to do is to pull me together 6-8 women for a In Home Relaxing Spa. • I am going to come and do complimentary spa treatments on their hands, their feet and a full facial, and to top it off I am going to do hand massages and complete relaxation. Everyone needs what I have. • Now I am going to do all the work. All I am going to do is ask for the name and addresses of those women that you know that need a Break. I will be doing all the inviting and follow up phone calling! Now this is not a dinner party, this is a spa—light refreshments that’s all. • Now I am doing this on Tuesday and Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm—This is going to give them a Work Break or a Shopping Break! Which days work best for you?

  14. Know when you are working. • Mark your calendar as to when you want to work. • Share this with your family, spouse, set up childcare arrangements. • Be consistent in your calendar!

  15. Hostess Coaching Your hostess is your partner. She will make your or brake you. It has to be worth her time, cleaning her house and inviting her friends to have a spa. 3 points check list for hostess (under Hostess on my site) Why she wants to have a $500 spa! ( under Hostess on my site)

  16. It’s Spa Time1 – Level 1 • What to pack. Plan ahead. Have bag packed and ready to go. 10 minute Rule • Open Date Card filled out – have your next 4 dates available. • Client Profile Sheets- under forms on my site • Order book or forms • Have Set Sheets • CD and CD player or MP3 Player

  17. It’s Spa Time! • You can SPA NOW WITH YOUR CASE YOU JUST GOT • Our best selling product – Instant Manicure and Hand Crème • Lip Apeel • And our BC SPA FACIAL! • You have enough Sensors to sensor 14 new clients! You can do this now before your go spa and your other 2 spas!

  18. And last – this is about FUN! • Make your mind up now– you are not going to know everything– it doesn’t take much to squirt crème – just as long as you don’t put eye crème on the feet. • Jump in and go for it! • Decide what you are going to spend the money on!

  19. You are not Alone! • You are not alone. You are a part of a million dollar company that wants you to be successful. • Take time to dream. • Cindy Smith – Director • 678.283.7765 I am her to help you!

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