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Create Your Own Blog

Create Your Own Blog

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Create Your Own Blog

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  1. ETALKTECH Social Media, Business & Technology Blog

  2. About Etalktech Etalktech is a fastest growing community in technology. Being a community blog, I always encourage upcoming bloggers to contribute an original blog.

  3. Guidelines for Etalktech 1.Guest columns usually run about 800 words. 2. Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data. 3.Avoid long introductions; get straight to the point. 4.Be sure to include a headline. 5.Be sure to include an author bio, including details on your background and expertise that make it clear why your opinion on the topic should count to readers. 6.If you’re not the author, be sure to tell us what organization you work for and spell out your relationship to the author. 7.Include Images, video or infograph

  4. How Can You Become Etalktech Contributor To become a regular contributor at EtalkTech, here are some tips that will help you to get your article accepted and published:

  5. Head over to the homepage and check out the first few pages to understand what kind of articles we publish here. Write content that is solely focused on quality and adding value for readers. Here are a few of the categories that I accept articles from. Do research on our website and find out what kind of articles do we post: 1.Blogging tips, blogging tools, and blog marketing. 2.WordPress plugins and themes (and how-to’s on using these). 3.Social media marketing, online marketing, and inbound marketing. 4.“How-to’s” realeted articles 5.SEO tools, software, and case studies. 6.World of technology 7.Business- Real Estate, News, Gadgets, Phones.

  6. Come Up With Great Idea 1.Craft a post based on your experience and research. 2.Use your expertise to interpret a recent trend or news event. 3.Offer a solution to a common concern or problem. 4.Share a personal experience that is likely to interest many other people. For more information please visit :

  7. ADDRESS: Office Number 105 Meghna complex 1st Floor Sheela Bye Pass Rohtak Haryana Contact no.-8814982030(ajay dalal) Website url-