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Values-based Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Values-based Education

Values-based Education

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Values-based Education

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  1. Values-based Education Our Journey Lethbridge Primary School

  2. Values-based Education 22 Values • What is Values-based Education ? • What appears to be missing from many schools and society at large is a shared vocabulary, based on shared positive human values, which can provide a sense of direction and vision about how to create a stable moral society • A values-based school seeks to promote an educational philosophy based on valuing self, others and the environment through, the consideration of an ethical values vocabulary (principles that guide behaviour), as the basis of good educational practice. It encourages adults to model values and to give time for reflective practices that empowers individuals to be effective learners and good citizens. • Why did we choose to adopt it? • The Right place and the right time. Placement Holistic Community

  3. School’s Contexts Differ. Talk Another VbE hub school Back in 2004 pupils demonstrated: • Lack of basic manners • Limited ability to show respect • Lack of empathy and care towards others • Low expectation of themselves • Low aspirations • Questionable moral codes • Limited vocabulary for discussing behaviour Here in 2013 pupils demonstrate: • Greater levels of appreciation and gratitude • Respect for themselves and others • Care and consideration towards each other • Belief in their ability to achieve • Hope for a brighter future for themselves • Clear understanding moral values • A shared vocabulary of values for life

  4. Where did we start? • Vision Statement. • Natural links. • Context . The whole picture. • Quick Values Personal overview.Activity.

  5. Celebrate positive 2011 Acceptance Values Platform Leaves Ephemeral Roots Internalise

  6. Explicit Our First Year Implicit • Introductory Day. Engaging Stakeholders. • Consistent approach. One Voice Common Language. Agreeing Values. Activity 22 values 2 Year Cycle of Values. W 2 year cycle

  7. Working Party • Action Plan. Three Phases. Share • Staff Training / Inform All • Assemblies/ Lessons / Communication. • Engage / Policy / Reflect / Embed / Resources • YouTube clip - • Resource Packs Files server

  8. Assemblies and posters……… The first stones on the pile. Resources Embedding deeper thinkingWalking in the Lake District a few years ago, a group was overtaken by a snow storm. They took shelter while the worst blew through, and an hour later when they set off again the scene had changed. Gone were the clear paths, gone were the identifying ditches. What were left though were the small piles of stones that had built up as years of walkers had deposited pebbles in piles. They poked through the surface and with their aid they navigated themselves through the uncertain landscape and a few hours later warmed up in a local pub!

  9. Values a Key Whole School Event W Everyone a part Celebrate Visible celebration Child led Reference point Memorable experience

  10. Testimonials/ Impact 2012 • Staff feedback. • Link Governor report. • Newsletters. • Web and files…… desperate to grow!!!! • Our Results. Prospectus.

  11. Ofsted June 2013 • Overall judgement ‘ Good with Outstanding Behaviour and Safety of Pupils’ • ‘Pupils are very happy at school . Warm and trusting relationships underpin their enjoyment and learning . Everyone is included and respected. • Staff know pupils well.’ Ofsted June 2013 • ‘Staff and pupils share a strong belief in the values of their school. They are proud to be part of it.’ Ofsted June 2013 • ‘ Pupils behaviour is exemplary, both in lessons and around the school. Pupils feel extremely safe in the school and are nurtured well’ Ofsted June 2013 • Pupils have many memorable and vibrant learning opportunities including a wide variety of visits and visitors to the school, which contribute strongly to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’ Ofsted June 2013

  12. Accreditation • How and when to apply for accreditation. • Knowing when to , being aware of expectations, collecting ‘evidence’ Expectations on the day. Letter for the day. Plan the day to show examples. • What we did. Involve all celebrate and outline the day. Stakeholders/ pupils governors etc. • Assembly presentation and emotions. • Buzz and Impact on achieving VbE Quality Mark.. • End of day meeting and feedback. • Letter :- Newspaper report. Web to shout about . Moral and staff feeling web newspaper report.

  13. Second Cycle. September 2013 Family Values • Building on the first cycle. Caring pack.File • BLP/ Curriculum opportunities. • Assemblies. • The web outside the school gates! • Becoming a hub school. • Link WEB. School web page . Two year over view Examples of Assembly plans and also Web Caring. Depth of understanding Topic webs and letters

  14. Explore the web site • Web links and page pictures W

  15. Peppermint moment ! • Taking time to reflect and adjust. • What could we do better? • How do we keep the momentum and also the enthusiasm? • Linking to the curriculum. Lip service or a real commitment! • Topic webs Freedom/ Quality / Cooperation

  16. Links to other opportunities • Schools Council. • Eco monitors. TA and MDSA support and iniatives. • Harmony Project • Restorative justice

  17. Pupils voice • Pictures of pupils and roles. Video links to share……..

  18. Coffee break 10.30-10.50 • Please feel free to look at information on the display and also resources.