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Education In Human Values PowerPoint Presentation
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Education In Human Values

Education In Human Values

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Education In Human Values

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  1. Education In Human Values

  2. A mango tree got it’s best flowering (Manjari) in the month of March. The whole tree was in a state of ecstasy and exhilaration. By  the month of May, the entire tree was laden with ripe mango fruits. All the ripened  mangoes were beaming with youthfulness and zest except one mango.All the magoes except one were eager to perform their Dharma i.e relish the taste buds of people.

  3. This sole mango was too attached to the mother tree. It was over eager to stay with tree so it hid itself behind a bevy of thick leaves. One by one all the other ripened fruits were plucked and sold in the market by the owner.

  4. This year the crop of mango was unprecedented. The owner was able to make bumper profits. He held a big party where all the near and dear ones came  and rejoiced. The people who tasted the mangoes relished the taste so much that every  one took away the seed (guthali) so that more pedigreed trees may grow and more and more people  could savour the delights of eating juicy delicious mangoes.

  5. The lone mango attached with its body remained in a state of fear and uncertainty.It did not experience the rare joy of giving, as it failed to perform it's Dharma of giving itself away for other’s joy. It was first eaten by squirrel. Soon after , it started decaying and fell on the ground completely rotten. The decomposed mango was crushed under the feet of passersby. The  seed (guthak)  also got  infected  by germs  and was eaten away by the insects.

  6. The unceremonious end of this diseased fruit neither pleased any one nor was it fruitful in seedhood and pro-generation. The illusion(maya) ridden fruit failed  to carry out the Divine Dharma i.e  to give oneself for others out of true love  irrespective of caste and creed. It died to deadwood and not to seedhood.

  7. God Invoked Vitamine Energy More than the art of living , the art of giving is more important. You give and you gain You grab and you lose. It is by giving that we all receive. Dharma is a norm,which man must adhere to So that he changes from good to better and From better to best.God is a giver. He only gives.He does not ever receive.Become a giver and then you will discover that you are God yourself. -Sri SathyaSai Baba