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Human Values Reflection PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Values Reflection

Human Values Reflection

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Human Values Reflection

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  1. Human ValuesReflection “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Peter F Drucker

  2. REFLECTION a. Mental concentration; careful consideration. b. A thought or an opinion resulting from such consideration

  3. REFLECT We learn from reflecting on our experience. This is then followed by action. LEARN ACT

  4. First the 11.3 group has reflected on the factors that have stopped us from revising. They are similar to the factors that usually stop students from doing their homework anyway…

  5. Factors that stop me from revising • Going • Out • Too much time wasted with your friends means that you spend less time revising!!! Reflection

  6. Video Games like Xbox or PS3 Reflection Save them until after your exams!!!

  7. Reflection • Laziness • or lack of motivation • If you want to succeed, you have to stay concentrated and motivated.

  8. Reflection Family problems Anything that upsets you or distresses you can keep you away from studying.

  9. Siblings • Try not to get distracted by them!! Reflection

  10. Reflection Mobile Phones Instant messaging A girl in our form group has confessed that she spends more than 2 hours on her mobile phone!

  11. Monopoly, lego and other similar games Reflection Yes, teenagers can still play with them…

  12. TV • Watching the latest episode of Eastenders isn't going to help you get your grades!!! Reflection

  13. Snackingon the wrong type of food • It can make you feel lazy and not give you the nutrients that you need Reflection

  14. Being Negative and not-believing in Yourself If you don’t believe in that you will be successful, how can you possibly achieve your goals? Reflection

  15. Action Then as a group we have reflected on the actions we can take in order to improve our revision. These are the tips we have suggested for studying and revising.

  16. Use Past Papers and Answer Examination Questions Action • Using past papers can be a major help: actually seeing examples of questions is one of the best ways to revise.

  17. Use Interactive Websites Action • Websites like BBC Bitesize are free to use and can be a more interesting way to revise.

  18. Get all the support you can.You can achieve much more with the support of the people around you, such as parents.

  19. Mind Maps or Diagrams to help remember key words and concepts Action

  20. Speaking Out Loud: This can increase your motivation and help you remember Action

  21. Action Being creative with your learning.Why not try making a song? 2 + 2 = 4

  22. Keep on drinking. A rehydrated brain learns better, as water is essential for brain function. Action

  23. Get some revision guides (and use them) Action + = Answer exam questions and check answers

  24. Post-it notes • Write down any useful tips/ key facts to help you remember. • As you learn them, you can throw them away because you have done another job for your success. Action

  25. Friends… Action … can help you if they believe in your success and want to succeed themselves.

  26. Positive self-encouragement Action This is a very important factor. You need to be confident and clear about your goals, then you have every chance to succeed.

  27. Here are specific examples of how individual students of 11.3 have decided to take action in order to improve their revision skills.

  28. Reflection >Action The obstacle that stops me from revising is my friends, because I like to spend too much time with them! To overcome this I have decided to make my friends revise with me. This will help my revision because all of us will be revising together!

  29. Reflection >Action I think that the obstacle that stops me most of revising is that I get frustrated when I get an answer wrong! To overcome this I have decided to be determined and to carry on until I get all the answers right!

  30. Reflection >Action I believe that the obstacle that stops me from revising is my mobile phone because I use it all the time. To overcome this I have decided to be more organised and make a revision timetable. If I plan my time better I will do my revision and still have time to use my mobile phone.

  31. Reflection >Action I have decided to record the programmes that I want to watch, so I can revise first and then watch the programmes afterwards. What stops me the most of revising is watching TV. I have decided to sit in a room with no electronic things.

  32. Reflection >Action An obstacle that stops me from revising is video games because they are distracting and more interesting than revision. To overcome this I have decided to use past papers because they’ll help me practice what the exams are really like.

  33. Reflection >Action What stops me from revising is fatigue, as this makes me too tired to do anything and I fall asleep. I have decided to start getting enough sleep, so I won’t feel tired and hopefully complete my revision.

  34. Reflection >Action What stops me from revising is my collection of legos. It’s like they have a special force that pulls me towards them! I have decided to hide them in a secret compartment behind my fridge! This will allow me to revise without distractions.

  35. Thought of the Week

  36. Reflection time