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2014 Grant Application Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 Grant Application Workshop

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2014 Grant Application Workshop
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2014 Grant Application Workshop

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  1. Setting You Up For Success!

    2014 Grant Application Workshop

  2. Agenda 1. Welcome & YCCF Overview 2. Timeline & Funds Overview 3. Online Application 4. Grant Writing Tips & Tools
  3. Welcome & Overview Kristen Nelson Philanthropic Advisor Grants Management Morgan Bishop Philanthropic Services Coordinator Grants Management Carol Chamberlain Regional Director Tracey McConnell Grants Coordinator
  4. Welcome & Overview Objectives Acquainted with YCCF/ACF Well equipped to apply for a grant Aware of the YCCF Grant Cycle Timeline Familiar with YCCF Field of Interest Funds Assured that ACF and YCCF staff is here to help you
  5. Welcome & Overview Our Mission: Lead, serve and collaborate to mobilize enduring philanthropy for a better Yavapai County. Yarnell Hill Disaster Recovery 2 Funds equal $1.14 Million Building Endowment $30 million in assets 16 Donor Advised Funds 17 Designated Funds 12 Field of Interest Funds 16 Nonprofit Endowment Funds Awarded over $7.6 millionin grants and scholarships throughout Yavapai County, since 1993.
  6. The Big & Little Kids Book Welcome & Overview Each year, in partnership with First Things First, YCCF produces The Big & Little Kids Book, a FREE resource guide of organizations serving Yavapai County children and their families. Child care Clothing Counseling and support groups Disabilities and special needs Education Finances Food Health Hotlines Libraries Recreation/enrichment Schools Service clubs Shelter and housing Teens Transportation Volunteer Opportunities
  7. Welcome & Overview Financially, We Do 3 Basic Things: We bring charitable dollars in Transforming donor passions into permanent revenue supporting local communities 2) We endow and invest it Over the past 20 years, our investments averaged 8% return. We distribute 5% of the principle, 2% growth and 1% admin cost. 3) We give charitable dollars out Over the past 10 months, YCCF has awarded nearly $200,000 in discretionary grants and $504,056 in grants from donor advised funds.
  8. Welcome & Overview The power of endowment! 10 – 5 = 11 A lasting expression of generosity The Generosity of Geri Smith and Wanda McCall Secure Funding for Stepping Stones Agencies, Prescott Valley
  9. YCCF Advisory Board Welcome & Overview BACK ROW: Patrick Gallagher, Steve Bracety, Michael Bacigalupi, Tim Naylor, Jim Musgrove. FRONT ROW: Angela Walker-Weber, Sharon Block, Carol Chamberlain, Tracey McConnell, Jodi Padgett. NOT PICTURED – Richard Ach, Tonia Fortner, Rob Pecharich, and Mary Taylor-Huntley. Jodi Padgett, CFP (Chair) Steve Bracety (Vice Chair) Michael Bacigalupi, CFP (Immediate Past Chair) Richard Ach Sharon Block, LMSW Tonia Fortner Patrick Gallagher Kati Kelly James Musgrove, Esq. Tim Naylor Robert Pecharich, Esq. Mary Taylor Huntley, CFP Angela Walker-Weber
  10. JOY OF GIVING AWARDS Welcome & Overview This is a celebration of COMMUNITY! YCCF publicly recognizes: 5 outstanding applicants selected by our grant committees Philanthropic Leadership Exceptional Volunteer Service Community Leadership We deliver grant award checks throughout the event. Friday, July 25, 2014, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Prescott Resort & Conference Center
  11. Grant Cycle Timeline
  12. Funds Overview Law Enforcement Canine Fund Exclusively benefits law enforcement organizations in Yavapai County that utilize canines for law enforcement purposes, including but not limited to, patrol tracking, locating illegal drugs, search & rescue and locating cadavers. Estimated Distribution: $26,000
  13. Funds Overview Yavapai County Healthcare Fund Exclusively supports medical, mental and dental healthcare to underinsured & uninsured persons. Estimated Distribution: $4,700
  14. Funds Overview Prescott Gateway Mall Music and Art Fund Exclusively benefits projects whose purpose is to support music and art. Estimated Distribution: $2,700
  15. Funds Overview Ophthalmic Science Foundation Fund Exclusively supports the needs of children in Yavapai County with visual impairments. Applicants must provide eye care for children with visual impairments, provide for educational needs of children with visual impairments or provide for care of children with visual impairments. Estimated Distribution: $4,400
  16. Funds Overview Yavapai County Fund for Environment To exclusively benefit projects to sustain the environment, as in protecting and preserving open spaces, vistas, wildlife habitat; and helping solve environmental problems such as air and water pollution through programs, projects and education. Estimated Distribution: $27,800
  17. Funds Overview Yavapai Children’s Fund To exclusively benefit children’s projects within Yavapai County. Estimated Distribution: $24,600
  18. Funds Overview Richard and Jonne Markham (Social Services) Fund To exclusively benefit projects whose purpose is to provide social services. Estimated Distribution: $12,800
  19. Funds Overview YCCF Community Fund (Unrestricted) To exclusively benefit the residents located in the geographic area of Yavapai County. Estimated Distribution: $49,000
  20. Online Application Eligible organizations may submit only one (1) proposal. Grant requests usually range from $500-$10,000. Reviewers will be reading profiles on the ACF website to obtain additional information about your organization. Applicants self-select the most appropriate field of interest category. Canines in Law Enforcement Fund Children’s Fund Community Fund Environmental Fund Eye Care for Children Fund Healthcare Fund Music and Art Fund Social Services Fund
  21. Online Application What’s New and Different? ACF Website Design Grantee Login The Online Grants Management System The Online Organizational Profile and Application Some Application Questions are Different NEW http://www.azfoundation.org
  22. Online Application
  23. Online Application NEW Whether your organization has submitted an application in the past or not, you will need to sign up as a new user and create a new organizational profile.
  24. Online Application
  25. Online Application
  26. Online Application
  27. Online Application Any item with an  and/or has a red border is required in order to proceed to the next section.
  28. Online Application Any item with an  and/or has a red border is required in order to proceed to the next section.
  29. Online Application Organizations without 501(c)(3) status must use a fiscal agent to apply on their behalf. Fiscal agents must have a visible profile on the ACF website, and also be a 501(c)(3) organization.
  30. Online Application Rather than completing an online form, this is where you will upload a current list of your Board Members, Organizational Budget, and 501c3 IRS Letter of Determination. You have the option to upload up to 2 additional documents, such as a program brochure, impact stories, best practices document, etc.
  31. Online Application
  32. Online Application
  33. Online Application NOTE: You will select the YCCF Grant Cycle.
  34. Online Application
  35. Online Application Depending on how you answer the eligibility questions, you will either get the following response or the system will proceed to the application form. NOTE: The contact person should be available for all grant correspondence and be able to answer questions regarding the proposed project.
  36. Online Application NOTE: When you sign back in, this is what you will see. To open up your draft application, select the Application title.
  37. Online Application This is what we share in our communications.
  38. Online Application Primary Field of Interest Canines in Law Enforcement Children’s Community Environmental Eye Care for Children Healthcare Music and Art Social Services
  39. Online Application
  40. Online Application
  41. Online Application Indicate if this is a new project, a project expansion or a continuing project. If this is not a one-time project, please describe any sustainability plans or efforts to continue the project past the funding year. (300 word limit) Is this project being done in collaboration with other nonprofits? If so, please list each nonprofit and their role in the collaboration. (300 word limit)
  42. Online Application
  43. Online Application Provide at least one, and up to six of the intended outputsyou plan to accomplish with this proposed project. (300 word limit) Each output should simply state the number of lives impacted and how they will be impacted. For example: Serve 17500 families with children by distributing books through organizations and public access to the online version at no cost. Note: In your final report, you will be asked to provide actual outputs (the results) that reflect the degree to which the goals you established have been realized.
  44. Online Application Describe the evaluation process or method(s) you will use to measure your progress in order to determine the degree to which you meet the intended results. (300 word limit) For example: pre-post surveys, focus groups, interviews. How will you proceed with this project if you only receive partial funding? Are there components that are more critical than others? (300 word limit)
  45. Online Application The project budget on the following page should show financial data for the proposed project during the grant period, NOT the organization's overall annual budget. Only include revenue and expenses related to the proposed project (i.e. salaries, materials, fees for services, etc.) Please list all other funding sources you have applied to, both pending and secured, for this project.
  46. Online Application
  47. Online Application
  48. Online Application
  49. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Grant Readiness Is this the RIGHT opportunity for us? 80% of effective grantsmanship is planning; only 20% is writing! Mission fit? Strategic plan fit? Are we eligible? Realistic deadline? Amount available meets our needs? Funding organization is a good fit? Time to invest in applying? Can we meet all requirements? Do we have the resources to comply?
  50. Grant Writing Tips & Tools YCCF encourages proposals that: Leverage matching funds Build the capacity of the organization Support direct service projects Support capital and/or program projects Support one-year and/or renewable funding proposals Engage strategic, mission-driven collaborations/partnerships
  51. Grant Writing Tips & Tools EXAMPLES Leverage matching funds: i.e. $5,000 monetary and/or in-kind contribution from a corporate sponsor , a federal grant, or local municipalities to support portions of the entire project cost. Build the capacity of the organization: i.e. identifying a communications strategy; improving volunteer recruitment; identifying more efficient uses of technology; engaging in collaborations with community partners; AmeriCorps VISTA position. Support direct service projects: i.e. delivering food, literacy program, workshops, educational tours, pet therapy program, music and art education. Support capital projects: i.e. establish a new food bank, technology system, equipment for a collaborative training facility, mobile healthcare unit, installation of solar power panels, purchase bus to support transit services. Engage strategic, mission-driven collaborations/partnerships: i.e. MATForce http://www.matforce.org, a coalition engaging 100’s of organizational partners and volunteers to eliminate substance abuse and its effects.
  52. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Why Partner? Network - Members come together for information exchange. Alliance - Members come together to coordinate existing services and gain common economic benefit while individual interests are maintained. Partnership - Members come together to share resources for mutual benefit to achieve a common purpose. Coalition - Members merge resources and use a shared leadership and shared decision making to address common goals. Collaboration - Members work together interdependently by pooling resources. Who else has a vested interest in working with you as partners on this need or opportunity? It enhances your program Takes advantage of “economies of scale” Allows you to focus on what you do best Expands your pool of possible funders You can make real and lasting change in your community together
  53. Grant Writing Tips & Tools YCCF encourages proposals that Support DIRECT COSTS associated with carrying out the program, such as staff salary/wages, project management, marketing, consultants, supplies, postage, travel, training or equipment, newly-acquired information technology, etc. will be allowed. Direct costs can also include directly attributable administrative support, legal or accounting functions, with distinct and measured effort on the project.
  54. Grant Writing Tips & Tools YCCF encourages proposals that Limit INDIRECT administrative operating costs – These particular costs must not exceed 15% of the total funds requested. This includes administrative operating expenses or ongoing operational costs incurred by the applicant organization on behalf of the organization’s activities and projects, but are not easily identified with any specific project. Examples: audits, administrative/executive oversight, insurance, accounting, rent, utilities, existing facilities costs, grants management, legal expenses, technology support and other shared resources not directly attributable to the project.
  55. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Grant Committees Are Looking For Clear, concise, compelling, well written applications A project that supports your mission Proposals that meet Request For Proposal (RFP) guidelines Well substantiated needs, based on data Clearly revealed capacity to be successful Concise, compelling, substantiated, mission-driven well written
  56. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Make a compelling case for your project Why is your issue important? Watch the jargon Start with a compelling statistic Share the demographics of the population you serve Relate to the community you serve (national, state, LOCAL) STATE: “In our community, the current issue is: In our community, the current situation is this: According to a 2006 survey by Literacy Volunteers of America, one out of six adults cannot read or write at the basic sixth-grade level, leaving them vulnerable to problems with parenting, employment, health, safety and self-esteem. And in the rural western half of “Our County” alone there is a waiting list of 200 adults who want to learn to read.
  57. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Grant Committees Are Looking For Proven impact – reveal how and to what degree this effort will change the community Qualified staff and well-respected board Well justified administrative costs ORGANIZATIONAL profiles with up-to-date annual budgets Realistic, relevant PROJECT budgets, which are clear about what YCCF funds
  58. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Grant Committees Are Looking For Reasonable methods for measuring success Program/project sustainability Opportunities to secure diversified funding i.e. matching funds, individual donors Public acknowledgement of the grant given by YCCF, in order to raise awareness of the power of endowment and the opportunity for others to give where they live.
  59. Grant Writing Tips & Tools What reveals your sustainability? Diversity of funding Best practices in finance, governance, management, fundraising and operations High quality board of directors Staff expertise Effective use of volunteers Length of service to the community Strength of your mission Strategic funding plan
  60. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Common Pitfalls Any past delinquent report Project is a mission drift Grants are sole source of income Incomplete and/or poorly written proposal Outdated annual budget in your organizational profile Didn’t answer the application questions directly & concisely
  61. YCCF Post Funding Expectations Follow through with accountability agreement Provide a 250 word impact story with photos Keep us informed (i.e. significant changes to your proposal, need for extension, news releases, etc.) Final report with measurable results Press release acknowledgements of YCCF
  62. If Funding Is Not Approved Request committee comments Ask questions Improve grant writing skills Don’t take it personally Try again next year Let’s try that again
  63. Grant Writing Tips & Tools
  64. Grant Writing Tips & Tools
  65. Grant Writing Tips & Tools
  66. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Balance your project budget – income equals expense. Value in-kind contributions – office space, printing services, participant incentives provided by local businesses, etc. List all other funding sources you have applied to, both pending and secured, for this project.
  67. Grant Writing Tips & Tools
  68. Grant Writing Tips & Tools
  69. Grant Writing Tips & Tools Provide description or examples of expense items that may be unfamiliar to the reader– i.e. consultant fees strictly address curriculum development to ensure adherence to the Common Core requirements for elementary schools. Err on the side of providing more detail – administrative cost could be better informed by identifying the types of administrative costs, such as supplies, project management materials, brochure design and printing, etc. Be clear about what YCCF funds.
  70. Grant Writing Tips & Tools 2014 YCCF Grant Guidelines which include application questions final report questions how to apply online important definitions Nonprofit Capacity Building Providers in AZ & Nonprofit Resource List Grantseeker Power Tool by the Alliance of AZ Nonprofits Arizona Gives Day Flyer http://www.yavapaifoundation.org
  71. We Are Here To Help Tracey McConnell YCCF Grants & Operations Coordinator (928) 499-9795 tmcconnell@azfoundation.org Carol Chamberlain YCCF & North Central Regional Manager (928) 708-9632 cchamberlain@azfoundation.org Kristen Nelson or Morgan Bishop ACF Grants Management (800) 222-8221 or (602) 682-2062 knelson@azfoundation.org mbishop@azfoundation.org Contact Regarding YCCF Application Questions Contact Regarding Endowment Building & Planned Giving Contact Regarding Organizational Profile and Online Difficulties Check our grants page once a month: www.azfoundation.org/grants
  72. Thank You Verde Valley Medical Center 269 S. Candy Lane Cottonwood, AZ 86326 http://www.verdevalleymedicalcenter.com