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Alaska’s Timeline PowerPoint Presentation
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Alaska’s Timeline

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Alaska’s Timeline
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Alaska’s Timeline

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  1. Alaska’s Timeline By Aubrielle Champagne

  2. 1719 to 1721 • Luzhin and Yeverinov went to explore Alaska. They were Russian explorers. They crossed the Kamachatka Peninsula to the Kurile Islands. They had very little information about Alaska.

  3. 1725- 1728 • Tsar Peter chose to send out another explorer to set out for Alaska. Until the spring of 1728 AlekseiChirikov moved the expedition from Russia to the Pacific Ocean to the seaport of NizhneKamchatsk.

  4. 1730-1745 • Bering made another expedition to Alaska because the ones failed before that. Instead they used two large vessels rather than one. The vessels lost each other one night. Until finally one of the ships sailed northeast. Finally they seen snowy mountains. When the Russians met the natives they were confused and surprised at first and resented each other.

  5. Continued One of the ships wreck and Bering Dies, when the Russians were sailing west towards the Aleutian Islands. The crew later decided to stay in Alaska for the winter. Winter from 1741-1742 they stayed. From the wreckage the people who survived made it through the winter and built another ship. Only 46 original crew were left. Meanwhile the other boat finds land. Once Alaska was discovered fur-hunters swarm in.

  6. 1780-1784 • The Russians used the Aleuts to force them to get fur for fur trades. Mostly, because it was a chance to make money. In August 1783 Selikhov led another expedition to Alaska. Some of the Alaskans fought the Russian fur hunters, but eventually gave up and the Russian’s took a lot of hostages.

  7. 1807-1872 • The Yankee fur trading vessel sank, which is the oldest know American shipwreck in Alaska until 2007 when they discovered it. Coal mining began at Coal Harbor in 1857. The United States purchased Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars in gold in 1867. In, 1872 gold was discovered in Sitka.

  8. 1873-1896 • In, 1874 George Halt became the first to cross Chilkoot Pass in search for gold. 1880, gold was discovered in Juneau, making the Juneau gold rush. In 1884 Alaska became the district of Alaska. In, 1888 more than 60,000 arrived in Alaska to find gold. In, 1896 oil was discovered in Cook Inlet.

  9. 1898- 1912 • Homestead Act was extended to Alaska. In, 1897-1900 the Klondike Gold Rush occurred. 1900, the Capital of Alaska was moved from Sitka to Juneau, and the White Pass railroad was completed. In, 1912 Alaska was renamed a territory after the Second Organic Act of 1912.

  10. 1925-1959 • In, 1925 the diptheria epidemic cripples Nome, Alaska. In 1940, Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base was built. In 1942, Japan invades Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands. In 1943, American Military retakes the Aleutian Islands. After 100 years of purchase Alaska finally becomes the 49th state.

  11. 1964-1989 • In 1964 a massive earthquake hits Alaska, a 9.2 magnitude. In 1968, oil is discovered in Prudhoe bay, and plane fore the pipeline. In 1971, ANCSA is passed, which was a great success for Alaskans. In 1989, the Exxon Valdez runs into the reef in Prince William Sound. Spilling 11 million gallons of oil into the Alaskan waters.

  12. 1992-2009 • In 1992, Mount Spur and Volcano erupted 3 times. In 2006, BP had a 267,000 gallon oil spill in Prudhoe Bay. In 2009, Mount Redoubt Volcano erupted 5 times.

  13. Present Day • Today millions are trying to get rid of Obama Care, unfortunately the act was passed through congress. And Alaska is doing good, just very weird winters we are having this year. Other than that Alaska is doing good.