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Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer

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Soul Surfer

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  1. Soul Surfer Biography by: Bethany Hamilton Report by: Catie Voigt

  2. Becoming Famous Bethany Hamilton is a world famous competitive surfer. She is mostly famous because of her inspiring life story. When she was just thirteen years old she was attacked by a big tiger shark when she was surfing. A few weeks after the attack, she was back on the surf board. She is also famous because of her biography book that she wrote about her life. People wanted Bethany to make a movie about her life, so she did. The movie Soul Surfer was viewed by manypeople. Everyone who reads her book or watches her movie is always so inspired. Her attack was put in the Hawaiian newspaper, so that is also a way she became famous. She is a huge role model and a great sport whichis why she is such a great person. She inspires me daily to not give up on what you love and to never stop trying.

  3. Bethany’s Life A brief timeline of Bethany's life is 1990- Born in Kauai Hawaii 1992-1995- Learns how to surf 1998- First surf competition 1999- First major surf sponsor 2003- Second place at the NSSA- Attacked by a shark in October, and got back on the surf board in November 2004- Her autobiography was released 2005- Won two first place trophies in two competitions 2010- Production started on a movie about her life 2011- Soul Surfer, the movie, was released

  4. Facts • Bethany was with her best friend Alana during the attack. • Her sponsor Rip Curl gave her the surfboard that she had with her during the attack. • The watch that she was wearing during the attack was eaten by the shark.