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Surfer Magazine

Surfer Magazine

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Surfer Magazine

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  1. Surfer Magazine Brad Cutler

  2. Surfer Magazine draws the reader into a fantasy world of perfect waves, exotic destinations, distinct style, all expressed using the backdrop of a surfers chill attitude, and relaxed mindset. Thesis Statement

  3. I took all of the ad’s that had to do with males posing for a apparel company • I looked at the facial expressions of the male and the way that he is portraying himself • I looked at the background of the photo to see the location if it took place on beach, in ocean, or other area • By looking at all of the different ad’s I can get the basis for my research in terms of the way that the surfer is portrayed in different companies and the similar techniques used to market Methods of Research

  4. Surfer Magazine gives it readers the feeling that they are at the exotic location that the surfers are being filmed at • While reading the magazine, the viewer will almost go into a trance where they place themselves in the location creating a sense of fantasy. Fantasy of the Perfect Wave

  5. The Magazine creates the Stereotypical Surfer • All surfers try to strive to be like the sponsored surfers who have all of the nice boards, and nice clothing. • The pro surfers have the highest respect and are considered the role models for the majority. The Perfect Surfer

  6. The magazine creates the identity that if you don’t wear the top apparel and have the best boards your not “in the club” • The advertisements within the magazine give the image that the men's attitudes are cool and the clothing they wear makes them have the attitude. Identity