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Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer

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Soul Surfer

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  1. Soul Surfer By: Efrain Hernandez

  2. Soul Surfer • This movie is based on a true story • The movie was mainly about a teenage girl named Bethany • Bethany was born in Hawaii and that she want to be a surfer when she grow up

  3. Soul Surfer • In the beginning, Bethany wanted to be a good surfer • She had won in first place from the competition, and their family are very proud of herself

  4. Soul Surfer • A few days later, Bethany went surfing with her friends • Bethany didn’t know that the shark was at ocean • So Bethany had been a shark attack that the shark chomps at Bethany’s right arm

  5. Soul Surfer • Bethany was been at the hospital and their family were very worried • After that, Bethany came back home and she feels really O.K. • A later that day, people were seeing about Bethany’s arm and then she feels really sad

  6. Soul Surfer • At night, the people of Bethany’s friends had found the shark and killed it • Now that the shark is dead, Bethany told her parents that she wanted to surf back at the water to see if she can really surfed

  7. Soul Surfer • Bethany tried to practiced to surf well with one arm and Bethany had really did it to know how to surf with one arm • They went to the competition so Bethany can win in first place, but then Bethany had lost when she can’t make it all the way there at the wave

  8. Soul Surfer • After that Bethany lost the competition, she started to quit surfing and she feels disappointed • But then, Bethany went to a trip to help the people from the tsunami • When Bethany help the people, she is really sad about what happen to them

  9. Soul Surfer • After Bethany was still helping, she try to go back surfing so people will be back to happiness • Bethany told her father that she need help to go back surfing to compete again

  10. Soul Surfer • Bethany was training hard so she would be ready for the competition • When she was ready, Bethany was almost going to win with a huge giant wave but then, Bethany had lost again

  11. Soul Surfer • After she had lost, Bethany feels just proud about what she did • Their parents are really happy to Bethany for being fun out there and doing great, so then Bethany will keep surfing for all of her life