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The Battle of Antietam PowerPoint Presentation
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The Battle of Antietam

The Battle of Antietam

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The Battle of Antietam

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  1. The Battle of Antietam By: Peter Gillespie, Angel Sanchez, and Casey Roesch.

  2. Historical Background. Antietam is located in Washington County, Maryland, on the western-half. The Battle of Antietam occurred on September 17th 1862. This battle was a very important event during the civil war due to the southern army advancing into the North. The northern army engaged in battle with the southern army lead by a military genius Robert E. Lee. The battle lasted for a day even though it was such a short time frame the battle was very destructive. It was the single bloodiest day of the American Civil War and even up to modern times it is still the single bloodiest day. A day before the battle the union had found General Robert E. Lee’s battle plans and knew he had cut his troops in half. The union had a chance to strike but did not historians said the war could have been over if the union would have deployed an attack on the confederate troops.

  3. Commanders of the forces The Union army Joseph Hooker, Edwin V. Summer, Fitz John Porter, William B. Franklin Confederate army Robert E. Lee, Stone Wall Jackson, J.E.B sturart

  4. Casualty's The union forces lost 12,401 men due to fatigue or missing or P.O.W. and 2,108 dead. This resented 25% of all the union forces. The confederate forces lost 10,318 men with due to fatigue or missing or P.O.W. 1,546. this represented 31% of all the confederate forces. This battle seriously hurt the confederate forcesand Union forces. This was Americas bloodiest battle.

  5. The Battlefield

  6. Impact on the war The Battle of Antietam changed the complex of the American Civil War. It had an enormous impact on the Civil War due to the fact it stopped a southern invasion of the north it made them go back over the Pontiac river and retreat into Virginia. The Battle of Antietam kept France and Britain out of the Civil War due to the fact that Britain and France were entering the war due to the fact that there was a scarce supply of Southern cotton. Also it gave the Northern troops momentum after previous defeats. After the battle Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation and freed all of the slaves.

  7. Was the Battle of Antietam the turning point of the Civil War? • Antietam had a lot of significance but I think it would not be fair to call it the turning point. It was a huge victory for the Union they were able to hold of the south from advancing for the time being . Also it prevented Britain joining the war and siding with the Confederacy . • Gettysburg was the turning point of the war because of the complete stop of military aggression into the north after the battle the Southern army's were so beat down that the Union army was able to bring the fight to the south and flip the momentum. • All though Antietam had a huge impact on the civil war. It did not turn the war around because eventually the southern army's were eventually able to advance deeper in to northern territory .

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