the battle of antietam n.
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The Battle of Antietam PowerPoint Presentation
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The Battle of Antietam

The Battle of Antietam

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The Battle of Antietam

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  1. The Battle of Antietam

  2. The Land • Sharpsburg, Maryland • 24 acre cornfield • Union land

  3. The Land, continued • Antietam creek, Burnside bridge • Potomac River was like a blockade against Confederates Burnside Bridge

  4. Terrain • Mostly fought in a 24 acre corn field • Little woods • Near Burnside Bridge there was rolling and mountainous land

  5. Effects of Terrain • Wide open fields meant people were completely slaughtered • Near Burnside Bridge soldiers dug into the creek banks for cover • The Potomac river created a natural barrier that the Union used to their advantage

  6. Confederates strategy • The Confederate wanted to bring the war north. • General Lee’s order fell into general George’s McClellan’s hands. • First invasion came to a halt in a small town in Maryland.

  7. Confederate strategy continued • Lee’s wisdom was questioned. • Many people thought that McClellan failed to take advantage of a golden opportunity. • His plan to begin was…..

  8. Union’s strategies • General George McClellan Marched it to Maryland and trapped confederate army against the Potomac. • The Union army were to attack the confederates and destroy most of their army. • The Union opened fire on the Confederate at 6 AM.

  9. Union Strategies continued • The Union Army’s one strategy was to make a wedge and trap the Confederate.

  10. Events In the Battle of Antietam • Burnside started his attack on the south side of Lee’s line at about 3:30pm. • 8000 men started the assault 4000 men made it half way through but only 2000 troops pushed up to the confederate line because of causalities and difficult terrain

  11. More Events • R.E. Lee’s first invasion of the North ended as he retreated back into Virginia on the night of September 18th • There was12 hours of combat • The Union won

  12. Troop Killed and Wounded Union Confederate Killed- 1,512 Wounded- 7,816 Captured or Missing- 1,844 Killed- 2,108 Wounded- 9,549 Captured or Missing- 753

  13. How The Battle of Antietam Affected the Civil War • Winning this battle provided Abraham Lincoln the opportunity he wanted to announce the Emancipation Proclamation making the battle a key turning point in the civil war

  14. How the Battle of Antietam Affected the Civil War • The battle ground Lee selected was well suited for defense but dangerous as well having the Potomac River behind him • The South thought if the won the battle Maryland would come to their side and help them fight • The Southern president Jefferson Davis believed the victory on Northern soil would increase the likelihood of recognition from Britain and France

  15. Interesting Facts on The Battle of Antietam • The Battle of Antietam is the bloodiest day in U.S. history • Over 500 cannons participated in the battle firing over 50,000 rounds of ammunition • Because of the catastrophic nature of the Battle of Antietam exact numbers of casualties were virtually impossible to compile

  16. Personal Story From A Soldier My heart is pounding so hard I can hardly hear orders. Then all at once there are flashes of light from all directions and I can see men falling down all around me. Over and over I pray “god help me please” I cant think of anything else. With my musket and bayonet in my hand I try not to think every step I take is also taking another mans life. There is no worse sound in the world then the screams of dying and mutilated men. It hunts even the toughest men in their dreams.