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The Mystery Of Marlo

The Mystery Of Marlo. By: Elana and Lizzie 12-18-12.

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The Mystery Of Marlo

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  1. The Mystery Of Marlo By: Elana and Lizzie 12-18-12

  2. It was the year of 4096. King Pedroruled the land, a land called Pedro Village. He is kind and very intelligent. He lived in a big palace, called Pedro’s Palace. King Pedro’s royal subjects, servants, and his fellow villagers all looked up to him.

  3. King Pedro was preparing a banquet. Only the royal subjects, government, and the rich were allowed to attend this party. The king ordered one of his reliable servants to go to the garden. He was told to plant extra crops for the banquet. When any crops were ripe, he was told to pick them. As the old servant was planting, he noticed something very interesting…

  4. The strange object was a grocery cart. This servant couldn’t believe that he found an ancient artifact! When he saw it, it was as if he had won the lottery! People get big prizes when they find old items! He was amazed. After trying to figure out how the cart was used, the servant pushed it and sprinted after it! He sprinted so fast, it was as if lightning had struck! All of a sudden, he tripped and fell through a hole.

  5. When the servant finally hit the ground, he was in some new world. All of the towns people were oddly dressed. One screamed in joy! The servant was so confused. Another person walked up to him and bowed. The servant mumbled out a “Thank you.” Eventually the whole town was surrounding him.“You are our G-d,” shouted a townsperson! How did the servant just show up and become a G-d?

  6. The servant, now known as the new G-d, decided to make a plaque. He wanted the plaque to have all the religious laws written clearly for the town to see. The new G-d’s name was Marlo. The plaque stated Marlo and the new king’s name after stating the town laws. The G-d knew that other royal subjects would want to be featured on the plaque too. “That would be silly,” the G-d argued with himself, “It would just look bad.”

  7. The next day, the G-d met with the king. When the king saw the plaque he was blown away! “What a beautiful peace of art!” he boomed. He loved it so much! He wanted the plaque to be placed in front of the palace. That way, the whole town could see it.

  8. When the other royal subjects saw the plaque, they were furious! The plaque stated all the religious laws of the land, the king’s name, and even the G-d’s name! The other royal subjects knocked on the G-d’s door with torches in their hands.

  9. The royal subjects wanted their names listed on the plaque too. They insisted that the plaque was to be taken down. The G-d refused! An argument started amongst the entire town! It was like a war, a verbal war! People didn’t fight, they just talked back to one another!

  10. The G-d and king thought about what was happening. “Are you starting to think this whole thing is silly?” asked the G-d. “Yes I think we can do something to make things better, ” agreed the king. After hours of talking, the king and G-d decided to invent a carriage. They decided that the carriage wouldn’t be a normal carriage, but a carriage filled with new technology. They decided to put all of the royal subjects names on it using the latest art techniques.

  11. Words added by Lizzie and Elana (M.L) (website for editing in citations) The king put the parts on the creation and the G-d added luxurious blue lights. After adding sparkles and M.L. (the King Larry and the G-d Marlo’s initials),Marlo added all of the names of the royal subjects. They decided to call the carriage Clight, for carriage and light. Everyone was amazed when they saw the carriage . The townspeople were happy and they lived happily ever after.

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